Salary increase in Peru: from which date it applies and what Tina Boluiarte said about payment | Answers

President Tina Polwarte was surprised by the series of announcements on the nation’s news. As reported, the increase minimum wageDialogue and (more importantly), consensus between trade unions and business associations in the National Workers’ Council (CNT).

What do you know about the minimum wage increase in Peru?

The President promised:Our government has managed to get trade unions and business associations to resume dialogue on the CNT, an important step towards the democratic management of labor relations in our country. My Government believes, As a result of this dialogue between unions and unions, we can soon announce to the country an increase in the minimum basic wage that will improve the living conditions of our workers.

As recalled, the CNT returned to session on July 22 after being suspended for more than a year. It is the government’s intention to establish a technical calculation of the minimum wage increase, a situation that prevents it from being changed arbitrarily in the future.

However, the session is still expected to be scheduled for representatives of workers and employers to discuss the formula for increasing the minimum core wage, which is S/1,025 today. Likewise, whether the calculation is established depends on the agreement between the two parties in the tripartite dialogue.

How much is the minimum wage increase in Peru?

The base salary under the wage currently stands at 1,025 feet, and although President Tina Polwart announced the change in salary measures, she did not give further details on the amount, and efforts will be made to establish a consensus among them. Parties involved in the welfare of the people of Peru.

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What is the current minimum wage?

According to current statistics (2023), the minimum wage in the Peruvian labor market is 1,025 feet. The amount related to AFP (Pension Fund Administrator’s Contribution) is usually reduced to this basic salary, which varies in percentage according to the salary earned. It is also important to take into account the details of your contract and employment regime to calculate your net income.

When was the last salary increase in Peru?

The last change in the salary scale occurred in May 2022 under the government of Pedro Castillo. Pursuant to the decree of the former President, the Order no. 03-2022-TR It instituted an increase of 95 feet in RMV (Minimum Vital Wages). Hence, the scale of minimum wage has increased from 930 feet to 1,025 feet.

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