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This November, authors Public schools Part of Peru will get a raise Full monthly salary (RIM) which is subject to teacher reform Ministry of Education (Minedu).

Let us remember that Administrative authority made the past official March 17, 2023 Supreme Decree No. 036, This includes the minimum salary of a teacher Public teaching profession, Establishes new wages from this month.

Based on these agreements, it The second increase they give to teachers This year, the first The first delivery was made in March. The salary ranges from the first to the eighth scale, and it should be taken into account that it also depends on the working hours (30 or 40 hours).

Teachers working in Govt will get pay hike. (Photo: Archive)

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How are the salaries of teachers now?

Salary hike for this Government school teachersThis was achieved after the single union of the education workers of Peru (Sudepmade agreements with Ministry of EducationNow the scales go like this:

According to the norms, the minimum salary of a first class teacher is 30 hours of work. S/ 3, 100. People with 40 hours a day will gain S/ 4,050.

On the second criterion, salary varies S/ 3,385 for 30 hours and S/ 4,430 for 40 hours. The third level will be salary S/ 3,670 for 30 hours and S/ 4,810 for 40 hours.

Moving on to the fourth criterion, teachers will understand S/ 3,325 for 30 hours and S/ 5,190 for 40 hours. The fifth criterion is victory S/ 4,525 for 30 hours and S/ 5,950 for 40 hours. According to the norms, the sixth criterion will be received S/ 5,237 for 30 hours of work and S/ 6,900 for 40 hours.

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Complete the seventh level and here the masters will win S/5,665 and S/7,470 for 30 hours. are at the eighth level S/ 6,485 for 30 hours and S/ 8,230 for 40 hours of work.

Peru. Minedu has announced that teachers will be given a salary hike from November. (Photo: Andina Agency)

Teachers were hired this year

Los Elementary, primary and secondary teachers Those hired this year, with a 30-hour day, will be paid S/ 3,100. If the working hours are less, the fee will be pro rata and contractual.

Also, teachers working as coordinating teachers in non-school primary education programs (Bronoy) or Teacher Coordinator in the National Diocesan Office for Catholic Education (Ondec), or at the Diocesan Office of Catholic Education (Odek), as contractors, will get increments S/ 4,050 from Este Mes.

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