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Whoooooo. Brian Torres, former partner Samahara Lobedan, was surprised to release a statement where he apologized to the influencer. The singer said he felt his immaturity resulted in him airing things about his relationship.

“First, I would like to apologize for the scandalous and painful end of my relationship with the mother of my future daughter, where I made the mistake of airing personal details of a cohabitation for which we both shared responsibility due to my immaturity.” He started to say.

Brian Torres thanked Samahara Lopaton for the opportunity to be a current father

In another part of his letter, Brian Torres thanked Samhara Lopatan for allowing him to be the father of his daughter.

“I again publicly apologize to my daughter’s mother for any misunderstandings or harm I have done as a woman and a mother, and more so in the state she is in. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me as a current father in these past months when we have desperately needed peace and unity as a family. The sole purpose is to take care of our future daughter. he added.

¿Brian Torres and Samhara Lopatone Return? The singer went to his former apartment early in the morning

A few days earlier, Brian was caught in Samahara Lopatone’s ‘apartment’ in the wee hours of the morning, prompting warnings of a possible compromise; However, the singer clarified that he did not remember and that it was because his ex-partner had an accident.

“Samahara called me and told me that he had fallen on his back, that he had injured his body and everything else. Obviously, like I said, I’m going to help her, I’m always going to be.”, he commented.

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