Science, Technology and Innovation Summit

Sunday, August 20, 2023


The meeting “Production and use of strategic information for managing science, technology and innovation” was organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and National Innovation and Observatory at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation. Science and Technology of Catamarca Province.

In the presence of the Minister of Science and Technological Innovation, Isauro Molina, and with the participation of national officials from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, under the leadership of Eduardo Mallo, Undersecretary of Studies and Futures, experts provided dissemination, measurement, studies. and the use of statistics in science, technology and innovation, projects implemented from the National Directorate of Scientific Information and CTI Network’s 2023 objectives.

Sebastian Balcelles, Executive Coordinator of Strategic Information of the Argentine Network on CTI and Gustavo Arbor, National Director of Scientific Information, MINCyT and the Province of Catamarca also trained to explain the objectives of science, technology and innovation. The latter, under the responsibility of the Coordinators and Committee of the Science and Technology Laboratory of the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation, Arq. Carolina Zurita, Provincial Director of Knowledge Exchange and Economy and coordinators of the Catamarca Science and Technology Laboratory, Ana Ybarra and Professor Raul Marcelo Vega.

At the meeting, there were also representatives of provincial and national organizations, among them: INTA, INTI, National University of Catamarca, CONICET, Industrial Union of Catamarca and the Undersecretary of Statistics.

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