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Through the Patria system, Venezuelan citizens will collect a new economic subsidy created by the Nicolás Maduro regime in September.

In this note you can know all the details of the second special bonus. | Libero composition.

This year, thousands of Venezuelan citizens received various economic grants to address the crisis experienced in the region. Thus, Nicolás Maduro’s regime announced that The second is a special bonus. In this note, who will collect the money and payment schedule.

Second special bonus, September 2023 Live: Latest news and when to collect

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We wrap up the latest news on the ongoing collaboration and fraternity bonuses this September. You can continue to find out about Venezuela grants in Diario Líbero.

Why are economic benefits offered in Venezuela?

Venezuela has been offering various economic benefits to citizens during the rule of Nicolás Maduro, aimed at mitigating the ravages of the economic crisis that has plagued the country for years.

When will the first special bonus be paid?

This economic subsidy, announced by the Venezuelan government, will be provided from Wednesday, September 13 to September 20.

Who are the beneficiaries of the second special bonus?

Los Beneficiaries of the second special bonus They are found in patria system. If you want to know if you will receive a grant, you must update your information so that you will receive a payment notification.

When can I collect the first cooperation and fraternity bonus for September?

According to the information provided by the state itself, the economic benefit will be given only till Wednesday, September 20.

How to register in Patria system to get the second special bonus?

The process of registration in the Patria system is done through the website Also, the system is only available from Monday to Saturday, 6:00 AM to 9:59 PM.

How to get the second special bonus?

If you want access to this economic advantage, you should Registered with Patria system. If you have an account, you should take into account the following recommendations:

  • Update your profile information so the system doesn’t think you’re inactive.
  • Avoid using the same phone number for multiple users on the Patria platform.
  • Check that the same phone number linked to your Patria account is registered in your bank account.
  • Make financial and subsidized petrol transfers only to persons registered and verified as members of your family unit.

Amounts of bonds payable through the Patria system

Below, we show you the latest bonuses offered this month:

  • Bonus against economic warfare for public employees: 945 bolivars.
  • We are Venezuela Bonus: 168.80 bolivars.
  • Anti-economic warfare bonus for public sector pensioners: 1,545 bolivars.
  • Youth Samba bonus: 168.80 bolivars. Fund transfers and subsidized petrol are only available to registered and verified members of your family unit.

Does the second special bonus come via email?

Don’t fall for scams! He The second is a special bonus It is not sent via text message or email. All financial grants reach your Monedero Patria through the numbers 67373 and 3532.

When did they pay the first September special bonus?

This is also known as subsidy Cooperation and fraternity bonus Related to September, money 13th Wednesday of the same monthThis was announced along with an increase in the amount of the official account of social security bonds for the people.

How to access the second special bonus for September?

To be a beneficiary The second spice bonusl, you must appear in it Home system Update your profile regularly. It is better to transfer the funds so that the authorities do not think that you are inactive.

– Enter the Patria site and click ‘Register’

– Fill the form with your personal information: ID card, cell phone, date of birth, location and gender

– Request an access code, which will be sent to you via text message

– Enter the code and click ‘Continue’

– Finally, check if the registration is successful and that’s it.

What is the second special bonus?

This is the bi-monthly economic support provided by the Nicolás Maduro regime to combat the negative effects of the socioeconomic crisis that his country is going through. The first charge related to the month of September came in the name of ‘Cooperation and brotherhood“The second payment is expected in the coming days.

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Welcome to the coverage of the second September Special Bonus!

In the coming days, the Maduro regime will offer a second September bonus, so thousands of Venezuelans await more information. At Libero we tell you everything!

It should be noted that Venezuelan bonds are issued through the Patria system; Therefore, users are recommended to update and register all their data on this virtual platform.

Second special bonus for Venezuelans, September 2023. | Source: GLR

Second special bonus payment date, September 2023

Until now, the Nicolás Maduro’s regime has not announced a delivery date of The second is a special bonus. But the subscription is expected to be available in the coming months of September.

Who will collect Second Special Bonus 2023?

Thousands of Venezuelans wonder if they can collect it Second Special Bonus 2023. It is important to mention that this allowance is targeted at public administration officials.

  • Ministry of Manpower for Defense
  • Ministry of People’s Power for Electricity.
  • Corporation National Electricity (Carpolec) – Petroleos de Venezuela S.A
  • President, Security Agency and State Services.

Cooperation and Fraternity Bonus: When was the first subscription paid?

He First special bonus of September 2023 He trained Wednesday the 13th In the same month Home system. This means that the benefited citizens can now avail the subsidy.

How much is the first collaboration and fraternity bonus?

He First special bonus was equal 140 bolivars, the bonus amount has been increased since September. As per current exchange rate Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV)The amount is equal 4.2 dollars.

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