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Through the Registry of National Identity and Civil Status (RENIEC), the government is promoting campaigns whose primary objective is to facilitate the issuance of a National Identity days) to vulnerable populations, and in those ways, to close identity gaps at the national level. In this regard, one of the capital’s municipalities announces that it will provide various services to benefit citizens through the free electronic DNI (DNIe) process throughout the month of July. Find details like where it will be held, time, dates and beneficiaries below.

Which municipality of Metropolitan Lima will launch a free campaign to obtain a DNIE throughout the month of July?

Advanced technology today allows us to carry out procedures from the comfort of our homes, for example, through computers or mobile devices, which is why getting in days Peru promoted over the years by RENIEC and provided free of charge by a municipality located in Lima Norte throughout the month of July.

Under the management of Hernán Sifuentes, residents San Martin de Porres (SMP) and surrounding districts can benefit from implementing the necessary procedure today at no cost, but taking into account details such as, for example, the interval is limited and the campaign is divided into planned dates and focus areas.

Through social networks, the municipality located in Lima Norte confirms that the services offered to provide DNIe are aimed at youth over 17, people with disabilities (PWD) and seniors over 60, and include:

First time registration

Renewal of DNI

Data correction

Photo update

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Address Update

If you need to process the DNIe for the first time, go to the service centers authorized by the SMP municipality to update it, correct names, surnames or other data or update the photo, copy of the birth certificate and simple. Copy of water bill or light.

Dates and places where the municipality of SMP will carry out the free campaign to issue DNIE in July 2024

  • July, 01 / San Diego Sports Center (Urbanization of San Diego de Alcalá)
  • 4th of July / Las Clavels Park in Suquitanda (Avenida Paramonga and Los Eucalyptus Heights)
  • July 8 / Urbanization of Valle Hermoso del Naranjal (Apple C Lot 22)
  • July 11 / Villa Hermosa Park (Roundtable Urbanization)
  • July 15 / Las Acacias Park (Las Acacias Avenue and Santa Fe del Orange Heights)
  • July 18 / Avenida Las Maraguias Nº 4175 (Orange Urbanization)
  • July 22 / Pachacamila Lord of Miracles Association Park
  • July 25 / Tres Horizontes Park by Tres Horizontes Homeowners Association

General schedule: 9 am to 1 pm

Steps you need to follow to successfully process DNI for adults in RENIC

1- Cancel the S/41 (DNIe) or 30 for blue DNI by specifying or entering the payment code at Banco de la Nación (BN) or Pá agencies and/or BCP offices or via ViaBCP. Tribute 00521.

2- Go to RENIEC with payment voucher and required documentsDeliver everything requested to your home or nearest MAC and get a pick-up ticket at the same time.

3- After an approximate and estimated waiting time of 10 business days from the processing date, the applicant citizen can obtain his adult DNI by presenting the relevant ticket.

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