Self-configurable I/O modules for your material handling technology

Self-configurable I/O modules for your material handling technology

New self-configurable I/O modules from Bihl+Wiedemann with specially designed housings for cable channel

Want to flexibly integrate inputs and outputs into your material handling technology? If so, find a new one Self-configurable I/O modules A housing designed for a cable channel from Bihl+Wiedemann.

They are available with 8 and 16 digital signals, which can be used in both directions as inputs or outputs. In this way, several applications can now be implemented with a single module: the planning and management of spare parts is simplified.

As an alternative to IO-Link hubs and Ethernet I/O modules

Both types are now good alternatives to comparable Ethernet or IO-Link based I/O solutions over a cable channel. Because the AS-Interface saves wiring costs and the integrated connection cables simplify installation.

Advantages of self-configurable I/O modules for cable channel

– Connection of sensors and actuators in any combination. Thanks to integrated cables, devices with up to 2 signals can be connected directly to the M12 connection in a simple and economical way.

– Possibility of optional assignment of standard configuration of inputs and outputs through our software.

– Wiring effort is drastically reduced and great freedom in choosing topology thanks to ASI.

– 16 inputs/outputs with ASi-5 in 1.27 ms.

– Channel-specific diagnostics provide a detailed overview of multiple inputs and outputs.

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