Seventh AFP recall: Congress begins debate on October recall | AFP Funds | Congress | Your money

Seventh AFP recall: Congress begins debate on October recall |  AFP Funds |  Congress |  Your money

Chairman of Congressional Economic CommissionCésar Revilla announced, in the first week of October, the beginning of the debate on the bills They authorize withdrawal of 4 UITs (S/ 19,800) in Pension funds administered by AFPs.

The decision was adopted after Podemos Peruvian parliamentarian Jose Luna requested the end of the economic commission’s session to set a date for the debate on the bill, which would be the seventh withdrawal of AFP funding authorized by a pandemic. Awarded weeks ago to provide 4 ITUs benefiting five million members.

Revilla said after the representation week, which runs until September 29. Authors of different programs proposing accreditation will defend their proposals and have the opportunity to rebut arguments against accreditation. Ministry of Economy and Finance and other companies.

“Families need those 4 UITs because they’re foreclosing on their house, their car; They have to pay for their children’s schooling and food prices are skyrocketing. In this scenario, do you think you can wait till you turn 65 to pay your children’s school fees now? We’re going to fight in the streets, 4UIT. It is very important to the people of Peru.”said Luna.

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Arguments for AFP’s Seventh Withdrawal and MEF’s Status

4 The withdrawal of UITs will allow liquidity to flow into the economy and, above all, help households meet their urgent needs and the effects of inflation, thereby making food purchases more affordable.

This conflicts with the level of effort Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)its owner Alex Contreras AFP is categorical in questioning the new withdrawal, considering it a populist, anti-technological and impossible measure because, among other reasons, the current environment is different from that which prevailed at the beginning of the pandemic crisis.

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He added that the ministry will not rest until such schemes are locked in, which will affect the amount of pension AFP members receive when they retire.

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