Seventh AFP Withdrawal in 2024: Status of 28 Undiscussed Delivery Plans?

These are the five bills to repeal the AFP in 2024 that must be debated in the Congressional Economic Commission. – Composite Credit Infopay/Edwin Montesinos/MEF/Congreso/Antina

He AFP withdrawal Postponed till 2024. In 2023, this is one of the most important topics Commission on Economics, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence of Congress of the Republic: One has to look only at the opinions raised in the debates on this issue in Parliament. The last ordinary session had more than 36 thousand viewers, while the next extraordinary session – where they voted against discussing a plan to issue 4 UITs – received more than 12 thousand views. So far, these have been the two most watched sessions in the past month, with the normal session being the most watched in the past year.

Approval of the Seventh Repeal is undoubtedly the most important issue for many in this congressional commission. However, in the last legislative session, it is still pending without the resumption of March. Of the 28 proposed distributions, none were voted onAnd it is debatable whether many are actually properly discussed.

Infobae Peru I carried out data work to review each project that was submitted and the congressional commission sessions where they were discussed, to analyze what the legislators' work on this issue expected of Peruvians.

AFP withdrawal in 2023 has not been approved by Congress. This is what happened in the projects and actors who tried to approve 4 UITs and 2 UITs. – Composition Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/MEF/Andina/Congress

In Congress, from November 18, 2022, 28 schemes were awarded to enable AFP withdrawal. But by the end of the 2023 legislature, nothing had been approved. In fact, none of them were rejected, because Neither plan came to a vote. Thanks to a thorough review of the Congressional Bill Search Engine, agendas and minutes of the Economic Commission, and videos posted on Facebook, it was possible to verify that none of the MPs' votes were passed, although only five recommendations were supported.

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But what happened with these efforts was more complicated than that. It should be noted first The first plan for the seventh retreat was supported almost a year after it was presented. Segundo Montalvo Cubas of Peru Libre raised his proposal to withdraw the AFP from 2 UITs on November 18, 2022, but it was not debated in Congress until October 4, 2023, 11 months after reaching the Commission. Not only that. This was the first proposal for an AFP pension, but by then 14 other proposals had already been put forward and supported.

In addition Out of 28 proposals, 23 proposals were not discussed properly and only 5 proposals were discussed – It should be taken into account that discussing a proposal does not mean voting on it. What happened was that these five proposals, along with 18 other proposals that were not debated, were included in a proposal that was found controversial by congressmen who were in favor of withdrawing the AFP.

On March 29, 2023, after already giving approval to seven projects, a Seventh AFP retreat No one supported them then Economic Commission He welcomed the Minister of Economy and Finance. Alex ContrerasTo the President Central Reserve Bank of PeruJulio Velarde, Superintendent of Banking, Insurance and AFPSocorro Heysen and the president of the AFP association, Giovanna Prialé Reyes, to give a presentation in which everyone agreed against new withdrawals from private pension funds.

Then, on June 9, a proposal for a law to reform the Peruvian pension system included the pension system and various bills proposed by Congressman Elias Avalos de. We can grow (Which raised AFP withdrawal 50% funding) and Member of Parliament Patricia Juarez Popular Force (It proposes the same thing, but restricts it to buying a house).

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But there was a ruling covering most of the AFP pension plans until December 2023. Economic Commission It had put together a reform plan for the proposed pension system MEF By Alex Contreras, Oct. 9, with plans to approve new pensions. As known, The Administrator's proposal prohibited this withdrawal from the AFP (and limited them to terminal illnesses and home buying).

23 bills were included in this opinion, only the proposal of Cesar Revilla, the same president of the Economic Commission (Popular Force), limiting that AFP withdrawal 2 For UIT and unemployed citizens – it should be remembered that the MEF recommended this limit a few weeks before Revilla presented his own bill.

The ruling was verbally rejected by Congressmen such as Jose LunaHe did not see this union of the issue of the new Peruvian pension system and the withdrawal of private pension funds as an attempt to block its provision. 4 out.

As a result, the vote in Congress. On December 12, a congressional commission voted on whether to settle it AFP Pension Plans And this Pension Schemes Separately. Despite an overwhelming vote in favor (eleven to ten against), reconsideration required a half plus one vote of the Commission's legal members. Therefore, a minimum of thirteen votes was required.

“When they approve bonuses”: Social media outrage over Congress blocking AFP retirement 2023 – Debt Collection Info/Edwin Montesinos/Economy Commission/Facebook

Another vote took place on December 13, at the Commission's last regular session. Guido Bellito The 4 ITUs' proposal to withdraw the AFP was requested to be debated and voted against, which was seen as a blockade by parliamentarians. Popular Force to demand, and earned the displeasure of many citizens.

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Although the topic is complex, it can be correctly stated cFive plans to withdraw the AFP are pending discussion (One issued after the Commission's last opinion). These are as follows:

  • Withdrawal of 90% of AFP funding due to life-shortening terminal illness or cancer diagnosis – Katie Ugarte (Parliamentary Unity and Dialogue)
  • 50% withdrawal of AFP funds due to terminal illness or cancer diagnosis
  • 5 UIT's AFP Retirement (S/25,750) – Segundo Quiroz (National Concert Magisterial Block)
  • 4 AFP Retirement from UIT (S/20,600) – Isabel Cortez (Democratic Transition – Collaborate for Peru)
  • AFP Retreat of 4 ITU (S/20,600) – Alfredo Pariona (not in group)
All indications are that AFP withdrawal in 2024 will continue to be an issue confronting Congress and the administration. – Composite Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Andina/Congreso/MEF

In all projects to be done a Seventh AFP retreat, 23 were considered in the recent opinion of the Economic Commission (of which 18 were not discussed), most of which were completely deleted. Some five are supported, and five are pending discussion.

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