Shakira breaks 3 rules with a look that no woman over 40 should have

Shakira is the celebrity of the moment and every outfit she wears impresses. In this case, she did what Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera did. It promises to be wrong in women over 40.

Not only did the woman from Barranquilla surprise everyone with her unexpected return to her home in Barcelona with her children Sasha and Milan, He attended the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montmelo, where he met driver Lewis Hamilton and other celebrities.

She did it with a summer look that broke three basic Carolina Herrera rules: miniskirts, exposed bras, and platform tennis shoes.

“I don’t walk in tennis shoes, I walk in flats. One looks different, like those who go to the gym and put on pants and suddenly leave. They look terrible! Everything has its moment”Highlighted the Venezuelan designer in an interview in 2018.

No longer a young woman

According to the magazine VogueThe Colombian singer has to wear visible underwear and She did it in a casual ensemble that supported the vivid colors of her blouse and contrasted with the white color of her miniskirt.

Jeans and miniskirts, Herrera promises “Once you stop being a young woman they should be left behind” and Shakira is already 46 years old.

Miniskirt as translator Boring Y Acrostic It was white, perfectly smooth and she added a youthful touch to it with pink platform tennis shoes.

For Herrera, it’s necessary to say goodbye to those dresses, because as Shakira ages, it’s better to look for other types of pieces that emphasize elegance.

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“When you get to a certain age, you have to be careful what looks good on you. You have to develop your own sense of style. It’s hard to define and it’s very personal. It’s not just what you wear, but how you wear it.”

Shakira too She opted for a Versace shirt with a butterfly print mixed with polka dots and fruit patterns. She wore it half-open, revealing the pink top she wore underneath, again a nod to the see-through bras that dominated the catwalks.

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