She meets her ex in the least expected place: now she’s his boss at work Viral

There are times when luck is not on your side, as proven by the following viral story, where a young man got an unpleasant surprise after seeing his ex-partner after a gap of one year. In an unlikely case, the post TikTok expresses, The boy finds out that his ex-girlfriend will be his new boss In work. Details of this strange story can be found below.

Leaving a relationship is not easy for many people because, for different reasons, some people cross the same path again after breaking the love bond. This is what happened when a boy in Mexico tried to forget everything he went through with his ex-girlfriend.

Fate brought them together

From the TikTok account, , he managed to popularize the experience of having to live in a work meeting. With more than 120,000 reproductions, the publication has attracted the attention of many, the same people who were happy to learn about the unique phenomenon.

This man has lost contact with his ex-girlfriend for a year, but the young man is far from continuing like this. He saw her again where he least expected it: in your work. But the most surprising thing about the story is what the user said, he admitted that his ex now not only sees him daily, but also keeps an eye on him, and as everything points out, she will be his new boss.

In this way, the clip made it clear how shy this boy was because, Don’t want to be with that person again Except if you are now in charge at the work center, with whom you sometimes had an affair.

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