“Sinaloa Needs More Female Scientists in STEM Fields”

Culiacán, Sin.- Sinaloa needs more female scientists in STEM areas, which are “not for the future, but for the profession of the present and the best pay,” admits the Director of Women's Sciences at CONFÍE Itzé Coronel Salomon.

STEM is an acronym formed from the initials of the English words: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Therefore, occupations belonging to these four areas are considered “STEM occupations”. Among these are:

  • Science: Biotechnology, Medicine, Nursing, Chemistry etc.
  • Technology: IT, Telecom, Robotics etc.
  • Engineering: Electronic, Mechanical, Naval, Civil Engineering etc.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Physics etc.

At the state level, Sinaloa has a total of 568 men and 452 women registered in the state organization of researchers and technologists. In the SNI, there are 507 men and 319 women from Sinaloa.

“We want Sinaloa women to have a place in science”

This March, Sinaloa will host the first meeting of women in science, announced Carlos Karam Quinos, Director of General Coordination for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation (CONFIE). The event seeks to encourage women and adolescents from Sinaloa to choose science as an option for professional development.

In a press conference this Wednesday, February 2, CONFÍE's Women's Science Director Karam Quiñones and Itze Coronel Salomón announced the details of the event, which seeks to create a space to express and disseminate the work done by women scientists in Sinaloa. . At the same time encourage women and teenagers in the state to “find a place in science to do things professionally”.

“It will help us see them, know them and identify them. But it will also be an inspiration for girls who are encouraged to enter science,” explained Karam Quiñones.

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The free event, which will be held on March 14 and 15 at the Academic Tower of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), will feature presentations from various areas of science and six thematic tables; In addition to participating female undergraduate, engineering, doctoral or master's students to present an oral presentation or scientific poster.

“All students with bachelor's degree, engineering major, master's degree and doctorate degree in the state are invited. You can start registration now,” added Itze Coronel.

Itze Coronel, Director of Women's Science at CONFÍE. Photo: Cesar Ernesto Hernandez.

Likewise, a group of researchers from the National Institute of Researchers (SNI) will be held, where the challenges of entering and staying in the organization of national importance will be presented.

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