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The Comptroller General of the Republic This June 13 described that it was discovered 47% delay in physical progress of works at Cusco Airport,”Failure to comply with the current schedule will result in the airport infrastructure not being completed within the established period, i.e. July 27, 2025.″ Similarly, despite the ‘major works’ starting on October 31, 2022, the control milestone indicated that as on March this year, the progress of the said works was 10.3%. That is 0.5% monthly down payment.

Despite this, the monitoring report has been released Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) By mid-May, that means The percentage of activity on ‘core jobs’ increased to 12%, showing a significant improvement in the fifth month of the year.. ‘Major works’ are made up of eight packages like passenger terminal, control tower, parking areas and access roads, parking decks, maneuvering area, electrical system.

Overall, the Modified Enterprise Budget (PIM) These 2024 are 512,750,249 soles, while the cumulative total is 81,846,089 soles. Although 6.4% of the total budget was implemented (not only for major works) in the first four months, it should be considered that the current expenditure is 16%. In other words, more money has been exchanged in May than in previous months. According to the MEF, 49.5 million soles were used in May, while the amount accumulated between January and April amounted to 32.6 million soles. It is important to mention that in May this year, MTC gave the contractor an advance of 2.5% equivalent to 40,011.77 cal.

Complicated history

This week, sincero returned to the agenda, Congressman Luis Aragon, from Axion Popular, “”Threat of termination of construction contract” and was recently questioned by various parliamentarians when the Minister of Transport and Communications, Raul Pérez-Reyes, was questioned. During the session, the minister He disparaged the versions of the contract scope and the termination of employment, but admitted that there were errors in the contract.

In fact, the head of the portfolio called the airport “Priority to the executive branch.” “It is a base airport to receive not only national but also direct foreign tourists. It is an airport with the capacity to handle about 7 million passengers a year and undoubtedly attracts many tourists to Cusco, a major tourist destination. will be”, added Perez-Reys before Congress.

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Notably, the Natividad Federation requested a $190 million budget increase from the Ministry of Transport weeks ago due to unforeseen circumstances in the contract, such as inflation and the war between Russia and Ukraine. In this regard, the government’s stand has differed from this demand, insisting that it is a model agreement. Pérez-Reyes, after admitting in parliament that there was indeed a contractual problem that affected the federation’s performance, argued in the chamber that this manual system would not allow the amount to be recalculated based on inflation.

Government to Government

The project is overseen by the South Korean government

The construction of Sincero Airport is being developed under a government-to-government agreement with South Korea. The Asian country oversees implementation through a Project Management Office (PMO).

Four companies form the consortium: Sinohydro Corporation Limited (China), Hyundai Engineering & Construction CO. LTD (Korea), ICA Constructora SA de CV (Mexico) and HV Contratistas (Peru).

“This is a total contract worth $427 million, which does not consider any possibility of revising the value based on inflation. The company alleges that there is an inflationary problem of $196 million. [pero el MTC] An admission that approves cannot be given [el monto]. We have proposed to the company to reduce the size of the project [e] “Get other companies together to complete the second part so that the process is not stalled” The minister told the assembly.

This Thursday, both the ministry and the federation met in a quest to reach agreements that would allow continuity and momentum for the project. however, All this nearly ten years after the first files for the Sincero International Airport project were approved, and more than two decades after a legislative effort to classify the airport’s construction as a national interest.

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New schedule

As mentioned above, Sincero International Airport was to be delivered on July 27, 2025 as per the contract. However, Minister Perez-Reyes himself had already informed. Trade –This year in March – the planned dates will be rescheduled. “The optimistic scenario is to finish work in December 2025, but I think it is realistic to say it will be in the first half of 2026. In the first version of the schedule we will talk about March 2026″, then he is a Exclusive interview for this magazine.

The Comptroller’s Office reports this in its report, which warns the company “An updated detailed schedule ending on September 1, 2026 and an expedited detailed schedule ending on April 29, 2026 were provided.″ Likewise, the Oversight Agency has this agenda “Exceeds the scheduled completion date of July 27, 2025 by more than 120 calendar days, creating a risk of contract termination due to non-compliance with the terms of the main work contract.”.

Great tourist value

By communicating TradeBerner Caballero, President Cusco Regional Chamber of Tourism (Carduc) He described Congressman Aragon’s comments as ‘irresponsible’ and supported the continuation of the airport project. “We have information that the project is going on, there is no real danger, and additional arrangements are being made to complete the project. We understand there is a delay in the percentages, but we believe it is about political will“, said Caballero.

For his part, Juan Stoessel, director Foreign Trade Association of Peru (ComexPeru) and Vice President of Kartak, “We already knew that the problem was complex and months ago the work was almost at a standstill and no significant progress was seen.”. “This, no doubt, complicates the issue because the current airport is old and run entirely by Córpac, and Córpac is a terrible administrator. It’s a very uncomfortable airport, very poorly managed and that’s the image we give to most tourists.Stosel explained.

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Cuzco tourism is expected to recover to pre-pandemic numbers next year, according to Cartak’s vice president. “Maybe [el proyecto] A year’s delay will undoubtedly prevent the goal from being fully recovered. I hope they agree [el MTC y el Consorcio] Too early to avoid this delay”, emphasized the director of ComexPerú. For his part, Caballero clarified “Currently, Cusco’s flight frequency is 25 flights per day, operating approximately 14 hours a day. Operating with a 24-hour turnaround and a high-capacity runway, Sinceros could double wind capacity.”.

From the tourism sector, we believe that it is very important that the government continues this work, because it will create various benefits, which opens the possibility to make Cusco a new airport hub in Latin America, connecting with the main capitals.“, decided the president of Carduk. Stosel shared the opinion regarding the international connection: “Sincero is going to be the second gateway to Peru”.

However, additional works such as water and electricity for the Sincero Airport, transport links to tourist spots and sanitation of the surroundings have not been carried out, the Vice President said. “After a delay, the airport was finally built, but it would be ridiculous if these works were not completed.Stosel insisted.


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