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The IO37B route connects San Juan de Luricancho with the district of Ventanilla. Photo: Andina

Starting this Monday, March 4, the Purple Corridor service has been suspended. According to the concessionaires responsible for the operation of this transport line, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) And this Lima and Gallo Transport Authority (ATU) They owe him more than S/300 million. Payments to its operators.

In this situation, the authorities have devised a contingency plan 522 buses of 7 public transport companies are operating to meet the demand of purple route. According to the concessionaires, more than 100,000 people regularly use the route that starts in San Juan de Luricancho, goes through the center of Lima and ends in San Isidro. However, some companies maintain fines for traffic violations.

What are the seven companies that travel along the Purple Corridor?

  • Route 404 (San Juan de Luricancho-Magdalena): Proceres (route 5303), Consorcio Roma (routes IO37B and OM 42), Transporte Huáscar SA (route IM26).
  • Route 405 (San Juan de Luricancho-San Ysidro): Luis Banchero Rossi (Route 8403),
  • Route 406 (San Juan de Luricancho-Acho): Consorcio Roma (routes IO37B and OM 42), Proceres (route 5303), Transporte Huáscar SA (route IM26).
  • Route 412 (San Juan de Luricanzo-Cercato de Lima): Virgen de Fátima SA (Route 2305), Transporte y Servicio Salvador SAC Company (Route 8214).

Consorcio Roma registered violations in 2023

One of the companies that temporarily replace the service of Purple Corridor Is he League of Rome, which serves the IO37B route connecting San Juan de Luricancho with Ventanilla. According to the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) of Lima and Callo, In 2023, it recorded 822 interventions. Of this total, 799 compliant and 23 non-compliant actions (violations) were imposed..

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Only one of its buses, identified by the plate B3V700, has been fined S/5,150 since 2020 for obstructing inspection activities. In 2021, S/515 imposed fines for non-adherence to established capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Transportes Huáscar SA had 84 violations in 2023

During the same period, ATU conducted 1,753 interventions Transports Huascar S.AIt covers the San Juan de Luricancho-San Martin de Porres route. In total, 1,669 minutes were recorded as compliant and 84 as non-compliant, meaning they were classified as violations.. One of their vehicles, identified with license plate D5D741, also collected an outstanding fine of S/5,150 for traveling on an unauthorized lane.

50 will not circulate on the Purple Corridor route

Despite announcing its willingness to settle the Purple Corridor case, La 50 cannot be delivered av. Apanke He maintains due to debts Urban Transport Authority (ATU) of Lima and Gallo. Company manager Ramon Rubin expressed his confusion in front of the stage. He indicated that he was surprised to receive the news that they had deployed 35 marines to Apanke Avenue but were not authorized. The company estimates the losses at close to 60,000 feet, with units already in the process of being mobilized to the required locations.

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