So you can watch Chandrayaan-3 moon landing live and online

After Russia’s failed attempt, the Asian country wants to become part of the countries that put the technology on our satellite.

The Vikram probe is just a few hours away from making history for India.

For decades, adventures in space have seemed to be America’s thing, we’ve seen many NASA missions, but we’re living in an era of expansion in the space industry, and more and more countries are joining us. These research and partnerships are between private companies and government agencies, such as the relationship between SpaceX and NASA. now, India I want his A moment of glory in space.

Indian conquest of Chandra

In a matter of hours, everyone will be able to connect their television, computer or mobile device to follow the moon landing that will become part of science textbooks for decades to come. The Chandrayaan-3 project He lives an important moment as he tries to pose Vikram vehicle on the surface Luna This noon, in an event that could eclipse the failed landing in 2019. Additionally, after the impact of the Russian spacecraft Luna-25 a few days ago, the pressure has shifted from country to country.

We leave you a link on these lines Straight up will be held in ISRO YouTube ChannelIndian Space Research Organization, and it will start 13:50 hrs, Spanish Peninsula Time. After a few minutes of connection and preparation, according to its own published information Company on TwitterAnd on 2:34 p.m We can be witnesses Moon landing For history.

by, If you don’t want to lose itClick on the previous video which will take you to YouTube to follow the space event Notify me button. This way, you will receive an email alert from the Indian Space Agency to notify you of the start of the event.

and at Indian workI hope there is successwill be A fourth country reach the surface Luna, ranking in history behind the United States, the defunct Soviet Union, and China. Additionally, it can boast of being the only country to reach the Moon’s south pole, which appears to be able to harbor frozen water, something vital for future space exploration.

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From the inside, after the moon landing Sonda Vikram comes out Rover Pragyan, it will be responsible for using instruments attached to its fuselage to gather information about the dry environment. Here’s wishing India all the luck in the world for one of the most awaited assignments in recent times.

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