Sound in space?! Sci-Fi Series and Movies Make These Mistakes When Going to Space – Spoiler Time

If you don’t know much about astronomy or astrophysics, you’ve probably been fooled more than once by a science fiction series or movie showing how space works. Many times writers and directors take some creative liberties to support the story, but they stray away from our reality.

These creative liberties have allowed such stories Star Wars oh Star Trek A visual and auditory delight. We can’t really listen to reality, because that’s not what art is. However, it is interesting to see what are the most common mistakes of this type when going out into space.

1 There is no sound in space. Space is empty and sound needs a medium like air to travel.

2 Yes, gravity is weak in space. This is called microgravity.

3 Asteroids are not close to each other, so there is no risk of a ship colliding with them.

4 There are no explosions like on Earth. Because of the lack of oxygen, an explosion in space doesn’t look or sound like it does on our planet.

5 Space suits are not pretty and take time to wear. In addition, the assistance of another person is often required.

6 Communication does not take place in real time. For example, there are about 35 million miles between Earth and Mars, so it takes four minutes to send a signal from one planet to the other.

7 Humans don’t immediately freeze or explode without a suit. If they freeze after some time, the cause of death is suffocation after about 90 seconds.

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