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This was revealed in an interview with ManagementHe The company’s president, Oscar Gonzalez Rocha, who explained that Modification of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). From Tía María Review Form of water supply to be covered by the scheme.

Until now, the company reports on its website for the Tía María activity Seawater that has been subjected to a desalination treatment process will be used by reverse osmosis, and its technical details are available in the EIA.

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Desalination no longer occurs

However, Gonzalez insisted on it This aspect will be modified in environmental impact assessment, And they have already contacted him for that Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem).

Now, Gonzalez said, Instead of using the system of , it has been decided that DesalinationThe project will be supplied with water through a dam they are planning to build on the Tambo River. And it will have a capacity of 60 cubic meters.

That’s the amount of water in that dam, he explained. 7 cubic meters will go to supply the two production units of the copper project, Dia María and La Tabada.

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Water for agriculture and public use

He noted that the remaining 53 cubic meters will be used to provide more supply for agricultural and livestock use. It contains Tambo Valley and other needs of the residents of the area.

He also said that the design of the dam will be done in such a way that the infrastructural facilities are available Located in the Arequipa region, and does not affect the region Mokugua (through which the aforesaid tributary also flows), in response to a request in this regard Regional Governor ArequipaRohel Sanchez.

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Thea Maria will be built parallel to the dam

At this time A technical study for the dam is still being preparedAnd -he said- it is expected to culminate August Next, proceed with its construction, and then, he noted, Consent is already there The Board of Directors of the Company for this purpose.

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By this he indicated, It will take one and a half years to build the dam. At the same time, he pointed out that construction work for the Dia Maria project will progress, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2026 and the beginning of 2027.

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And so he judged It will take one year to construct the leaching plantIt is part of the mining plan and will allow the processing of concentrates, to convert it into its final product which is cathodes Copper.

Investment in other projects

Likewise, the President of Southern Peru confirmed to this newspaper, In fact, they predict that a total investment in Peru of 10,000 million US dollars will be made by the company in various projects.

This includes Dia Maria (US$1.4 billion). Las Sancas projectsin Apurimac; My MichiganIn Cajamarca, both are in the exploration phase and are expected to confirm reserves within the next few years.

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Work on Michiquillay will begin in 2027

Such confirmation of reservation, he noted, It will then allow determination of the capacity of the plants to be built In the aforementioned areas. In the case Michikoule indicated that it hopes to start its construction in 2027, so that it will be completed in 2029.

To this he added Expansion of its mining unit GujonIts production can be expanded from the current 90,000 tonnes (per annum) to 120,000 tonnes of copper concentrate.

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New Foundry

That total investment amount (US$10,000 million) This includes an additional initiative still to be submitted for committee decision to build a new smelter with a capacity of 1 million tonnes of concentrate refining.

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Planned Foundry said, will be added to the expansion of its smelter Dogbalaand today has a capacity of 1.2 million tons of concentrate refining.

With the new plant and expansion of the existing refinery, The company can increase its production of cathodes, The acquisition of which, with higher added value, allows higher returns for the company and the country.

If these efforts are successful, González Rocha predicts that the company in Peru will double its copper production and have more production than the company in Mexico. Its team. Its production in Peru today, he elaborated, Reflects 40% What do they produce in Mexico?

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Interest in ports

On the other hand, Gonzales Rocha noted that if it needs more volume (shipping capacity for its production) (if its new plans come to fruition), it could acquire a southern Peruvian port. Ilo (Today run by Govt A lot)

It is worth remembering that ProInversion It invited the private sector to come up with private ventures (under concession) to operate the port.

The Southern Chief recalled that today the company operates its own mineral dock at Iloilo, through which it can meet its current shipping needs.

“(But), if necessary, the state port of Iloilo shall be taken over” He insisted.

For the time being he has mentioned thus A request has been received from the government to provide financial support for the power dam construction projectThrough Works for Taxes, at the Port of Ilo (managed by Enabu), and they hope it will be completed on time.

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