» Expands and explores UDEP metaverse technology with UDEP Hoy

453 » Expands and explores UDEP metaverse technology with UDEP Hoy

The University of Piura has created its first office in the Metaverse with, an open platform that allows the creation of 3D spaces for events, activities and exhibitions on the Spatial Internet.

Through the communication department. May 26, 2023.

The platform also offers the opportunity to enter the office of the metaverse from a browser, Meta Quest in VR from mobile. For this first experience, the University of Piura took the Piura Campus Government Building as a reference and turned it into a state-of-the-art office.

This initiative is a sign of UDEP’s commitment to keeping up with technological trends and positioning itself as a leading institution in digital transformation in the world of education.

The space has a customer service area with trained staff who, by appointment, receive the user to provide information about admissions procedures, academic programs and the values ​​that make this university unique. On the other hand, the spacious digital auditorium allows for large-scale live events and an innovative space for the community. Also, the office has a virtual meeting room, an interactive screen and all the necessary equipment to conduct meetings in virtual form.

Erik Mayorga, Commercial and Marketing Manager of UDEP-Campus Piura, commented that the project is strategic because it allows us to enter new technological platforms, “We are working with the team to adapt to the latest developments and projects. Service level and sophisticated communication.

The space is designed with elements that make the user feel like they are in UDEP. “We believe this will be a new meeting point for parents, school children and anyone interested in learning about our educational offering, in a more interactive way than anywhere in the world,” said Digital Coordinator Sandra Reiss.

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Luis Augusto, CEO of Manifesto Estudio, the provider of the project, highlighted the importance of the project as a milestone in the exploration of the new Internet frontier, the Spatial Internet. “According to the entrepreneurs, this is the first attempt to merge tradition with technology to move towards the future. This commitment to innovation is an opportunity to transform the way universities create and deliver experiences for their students and the academic community,” he concluded.

It should be noted that Beura University was one of the first academic institutions to explore the potential of metawares to improve the student experience and create new forms of online interaction with the university community. The MetaWares Office is the beginning of the path to innovation and exploration of new technologies in higher education.

To visit the UDEP office in Metaverse, click here Click here.


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