Spoilers for Chapter 1, Is Sasuke Dead?, Code, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Sarada

Discover everything that lives after the ‘time skip’ experienced in the last installment with Naruto’s son as the protagonist. Shikamaru is Hokage?

Everything you need to know about “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” Chapter 1.

After the sudden stop he experienced last April 2023, Boruto manga has almost nothing to return to and surprises us with a completely different story. 100% with the Seventh Hokage’s son as the protagonistIt distances us from his father as well as from his childish attitude that he projected “Two Blue Spirals”. If you want to know all the details that this new creation brings, don’t tear yourself away from the following reference.

Shikamaru is the eighth hokage of Konoha

From this point forward we warn you that there are spoilers, so it’s your responsibility to read these previews by Mikio Ikemoto and Masashi Kishimoto.

From Shikamaru Hokaga, to Boruto’s new look in the new “Boruto: Two Blue Vertex” manga. Photo: MangaPlus

In the first cartoons of the manga, Sarada is seen entering the Hokage room, where they reveal to us that Naruto is his right-hand man who took over after he disappeared years ago. Shikamaru wears the mantle of Eighth Hokage. In this sense, Sakura’s daughter says that Boruto is innocent because he is not the ‘hero of the village’ and that he should not occupy the place he left behind.

We appreciate the new design Kawaki is the handyman who enters the dimension Naruto and Hinata left behind, who are kidnapped by a young ninja who is still alive. Of course, neither has aged, because time doesn’t run the same way in that place.

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Boruto returns to Konoha and Sasuke’s death is presumed

On the other hand, in another scene, Kawaki’s right-hand man Mitsuki can’t forgive the crime against the Karma user, as well as learns a new ability from the former Gaara member: he can fly from nothing. A type of jutsu. while, Himawari sporting long hairtraining to be strong, She does not consider her father deadSo it never rests in its search.

Another cartoon presents some beasts with tails, nothing more and nothing less Kot launches a surprise attack on Konoha precisely. This villain has a weird scar on his eye Many fans say that he may have faced Sasuke He was the one who helped take down the Uchiha. Although nothing is said, but Everything indicated that Itachi’s brother had disappeared or died.

Finally, finally we can see The arrival of Boruto with a completely serious and less friendly attitudeFace-to-face with the village’s enemy, as well Finally meets Kawaki, who appears confused. It all ends with the latter’s words to Naruto’s son: “You finally came out of hiding”.

When is “Boruto: Two Portex” released?

“Boruto: Two Portex” debuts Next August 21, after volume 19, culminated in April, which you can officially enjoy through MANGAPLUS. Are you ready for his return?

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