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Game Crystal Last Sunday night was not as closed as I expected. A tough result in Cusco gave Cienciano some chances to fight for the Liga 1 Clausura title after a 1-0 loss against Cienciano (now 33 points from Rímac and three from Universitario de Deportes. , tournament leader). Reasons? to Diego NunesThere were many factors that prevented the match from happening as they worked, however this did not lessen their responsibility regarding the final score.

In a press conference, the Brazilian strategist said: “It is difficult at this point to see the exact factor behind the team’s poor performance. But all teams suffer here, we are talking about the height, especially today, we created goal situations like Cienciano, we had difficulty controlling the transitions, but we did not have the defensive balance, and in the end we could avoid a goal.”.

And he added,I believe that our difficulties at the end of the tournament have nothing to do with today or the defeat in Cusco. The games against Sport Boys, UTC, the games we played to win and the lack of clarity to score goals.”. With this decision, the Reimens are now dependent on other parties to determine whether or not they hold clausura title.

Regarding how the team performed throughout the season, Nunes noted that his goal was player development. “I have to focus on improving this team and I am the most responsible person. We want to make a good impression on our peopleHe explained to the media.

Finally, he analyzed how the match against ‘Daddy’ went: “We have to write the situations we had, control the transitions better, we are a team with more possession, but you can’t make so many mistakes with the passes, you have to be good to do that, otherwise for the opponent the situations will develop. In the second half we had more chances, goals were not allowed due to off-fire, we need to be efficient and more organized to defend.”.

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Sporting finished 18th of the Cristal Clausura in fourth place in the table with 33 points, while they are third on aggregate with 68 points. With these records, in Rímac, Universitario de Deportes, Melgar and Alianza Lima will hope to finish second in the standings, losing their last games to win the tournament. In this scenario, they will compete in live finals against the closest ones.

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