Stellandis electric technology makes it possible to bring back this icon of automotive history

29/10/2023 09:30

Updated on 10/29/2023 09:30

Officially, Alfa Romeo exited the small car market in 2020, completely ceasing production of the Giulietta, which had been on the market for 10 years. On the other hand, rumors at the time positioned Donal as his spiritual successor. however, Jean-Philippe learned, the company’s CEO, declined to do so because the gap was left open for future launches. Now, the presentation of a hypothetical electric compact from Alfa Romeo is making its way.

Stellandis Automotive Group offers opportunities to its companies Share key elements such as sites suitable for electrification, as well as engines or other mechanical components. This fact provides a direct opportunity for all members of the group to start development of models at very affordable prices. One thing that many of these companies are not willing to give up.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta has left the market in 2020 after 10 years of marketing.

How long will we have to wait to see the 100% electric Alfa Romeo Giulietta?

The development of the STLA platform at different scales will allow many manufacturers to enter hitherto unexplored segments. Alfa Romeo’s compact cars, a sector it decided to shut down three years ago, is now resonating strongly.

As published, Imperado agreed that a model with these characteristics could be reproduced Autocar. The Giulietta was an absolute success for the brand, with sales exceeding the range 80,000 units across Europe in its best year. The passage of years has significantly affected the model, making it outdated compared to its competitors in the same segment. Now, with the integration of Alfa Romeo into the Stellantis dome of premium brands, alongside DS and Lancia, this revenue opportunity opens up.

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Lancia will introduce an electric compact with the legendary name in 2028 Delta. The future Alfa Romeo Giulietta could be a first cousin of this other Italian alternative. Structure and gameplay The company is proud of it BScience.

Stellandis’ STLA Medium platform will be key to the development of this electric car.

This new 100% electric compact sits plataforma STLA medium From Stellandis, it will be essential for the company as it recently admitted that it can build two million cars on this platform every year. Vehicles based on this can accommodate a range of more than 600 kilometers thanks to the almost 100 kWh battery they can accommodate.

Although the technology already exists and is fully available on the Stellandis, Alfa Romeo is in no rush to put this long-awaited model into circulation. Signs speak of a presentation by the end of this decade. Let’s remember that the company hopes to have a range of exclusively electric vehicles From the year 2027 onwardsThis will clarify possible doubts about the electrification of this or other upcoming releases in the Italian company.

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