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A strong complaint. Andrea Heredia, A 23-year-old woman described an episode of violence she experienced with her ex-partner on social media. Alejandro Catimpo, Better known as DJ Doa And for working in well-known radio Studio92.


According to his story, It all started at a bar in Miraflores, where the musician performed. In the story, the young woman expresses her jealousy when Alejandro Catimpo sees her with others, so he starts insulting her.

Phrases such as “I’m going to beat the shit out of you” and “You’re a girl…” came out. In words, laughing: ‘Do you know who I am?’ Who is going to help you? If I am the one who has contacts’. Those present must have seen me crying in a corner,” Csaid the young woman.

The woman says he beat her and threatened to rape her when they returned to the home they shared.

TROME – DJ Doa condemned for violence against women

“He threw me on the bed, grabbed me by my waist with his fists, hit my hands, my face and even in his madness tried to take off my clothes saying he was going to rape me. I was able to get out of there, I was able to run out of the house, but where would I go in pajamas, without a phone, without slippers … I went back inside and he told me that he cried. I don’t know what happened, I shouldn’t have reported him, he had to think about his son and his career. “I calmed him down, he fell asleep, and the next day he went on a trip.” He explained.

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Andrea filed a formal complaint against Heredia DJ Doa While at the Miraflores police station Studio 92 It decided to temporarily separate him from the company pending the completion of the case investigation.

For its part, Juan Alejandro Catimpo He indicated in a statement that he will face the trial with the maturity and calmness of someone who has nothing to fear or hide.

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