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The Europa Clipper probe will head towards Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Photo: NASA

NASA will send a ship into space on which our name can travel. It’s about work Europa ClipperIt will travel in orbit EuropeAn icy moon of Jupiter may have a habitable internal ocean.

In this note we will tell you how to participate in this initiative proposed by the baptized American space agency. “Message in a Bottle”.

How do I submit my name to NASA?

If you want to register your name, you must access This linkFill the form with your personal data (name, surname, email and country of birth) and finally click on the “Send your name” option.

After completing these pastures, you will receive a confirmation and postcard with your name to keep as a souvenir as shown below.

A digital ticket for the Europa Clipper mission. Photo: NASA

Millions of people’s digital messages will be stored on a USB that travels inside the ship. The device will also feature the poem “In Praise of Mystery: A Poem for Europe” by American poet Ada Limon.

This NASA initiative is already a habit in its different missions. Earlier, it had already done so when they sent the Perseverance Mars rover and during the first flight of the Orion spacecraft around the moon as part of the Artemis project.

What is Europa Clipper’s goal?

The Europa Clipper mission will be launched in October 2024 and will take 6 years to reach its destination.

The space probe will use its suite of scientific instruments to collect samples of Europa’s icy crust and subsurface ocean, with the aim of finding out if conditions exist to support life.

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