Sunday June 4, 2023 EFE Economy Topics of the Day

Collection of VAT

MADRID – VAT cuts on basic foods, implemented by the government to cushion the effects of inflation, reduced tax collections by 254 million euros in the first four months of the year.

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Bank deposits

Madrid – Households and companies from Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia together hold more than half of Spain’s bank deposits. A rise in prices in the euro area.

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OPEC Conference

VIENNA – Ten major oil producers, including OPEC and Russia, have decided at a meeting of ministers whether to maintain or reduce current supplies, given the possibility of a drop in global demand.



Busan Fair

Busan (Korea) – If Busan is selected to host Expo 2030, the Republic of Korea will allocate 5,730 million dollars (5,375 million euros) of public investment, which will carry out some works, including the redevelopment of the North Port. in the world, and the construction of a floating city.

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EU Spain (Interview)

BRUSSELS – European Economic and Social Committee (CESE) President Oliver Röpke, in an interview with Efe, considers the salary agreement between Spanish employers and unions to be an example of the social dialogue the company wants to promote across Europe.

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Information agenda

Vienna.- OPEC Conference.- Ministerial Conference of OPEC + Alliance – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), formed by Russia and 9 other independent producers. (Text)



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