Surco: Two people died in a terrible traffic accident on Panamericana Sur

A private car Crashed terribly with a Trailerin height Vivanco Bridge. Causes of sadness accident They are under investigation.

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This is what it looked like after a car hit a trailer. | Source: RPP / Claudia Díaz

A man and a woman were killed in this morning’s violence Car accidentRoad registration Pan American South, At the height of Vivanco BridgeIn Lima District pit.

A black private car in which the victims were traveling collided with the back of the car. Trailer.

Two people in the front seats of the small vehicle were killed instantly, while an elderly woman in the back seat was seriously injured.

The elderly woman was taken to hospital San Pablo ClinicThere his prediction is preserved.

In research

Reasons for this tragedy Car accident They are under investigation. The driver of the trailer stated that he was moving at a moderate speed when he suddenly felt a strong impact on the rear of his vehicle.

At the end of this note, the arrival of forensic experts and lawyers on duty was expected so that the bodies could be transferred to the morgue.

due to accidentTraffic is restricted in the area because of a lane Pan American SouthIn south-north direction, blocked.

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