Surquillo: Daughter-in-law auctions house for US$40,000, taking advantage of elderly couple’s vacation.

The daughter-in-law moved to her uncle’s house in Surquillo | Finished on Sunday Al Diya

Mrs Adit Garcia Macedo and her husband Louis Palm They decide to travel for a while, not presuming that they will live a dream when they return. His house is located in the district Active Sold to unknown persons, though unknown.

An elderly couple came to enter their home, but the sheet had been changed and there were people inside. With this in mind, he asked them to leave, but when they refused, he had to call the Peruvian National Police (PNP), where the construction workers were arrested and the alleged buyer of the property also appeared.

The new owner said he bought the house Paula Figueroa Garcia. Precisely, one of the nieces mentioned by the elderly couple took care of her from an early age. However, this relative used the trust of his uncles to sell someone else’s property and condemn the victims.

“Everything was destroyed as if someone had dropped a bomb […] My son-in-law does not have a job, I looked after them as children out of love and brought them here with a good heart. I said to her: ‘Paola, let’s go to my house’, when you come with me, you take care of me, when I go on a trip you be responsible,” he said. Sunday is a day

Woman auctions house for US$40,000 when uncles aren’t around | Sunday is a day

In response to the complaints, the alleged owners came forward and promised to pay A total of 40 thousand US dollars Presented in three parts. According to the document accessed by the aforementioned media, it is mentioned that first 10%, then 40% and finally 50% of the total will be paid.

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Likewise, when the money is delivered in a manila envelope in exchange for this property, a video in the hands of the authorities will serve as evidence for the buyers. In the clip it appears that Paola Figueroa will be the one who receives them and lets them into the house.

For his part, Figueira denied that it had bought the house. How can I sell a property that is not mine? I have all the evidence that he did not sell that house. […] I didn’t sell him any house,” he said.

He also said that he denounced those who accused him of fraud and mentioned that he had been subjected to threats. “This friendship is a creditor because he does business with the Colombians and makes loans. No one cheated on him because given his age it was unlikely he was going to pay for the paper you signed. The reason for that is not mentioned in the document,” he argued.

The daughter-in-law has completed her uncle’s house in Surguillo | Sunday is a day

Spouses Adit García Macedo and Luis Palma are asking for justice to recover their home, which they have lived in for years, but today they are in danger of losing it. He says he has seen his nephews grow up, play and share many times in this place.

“I am asking for justice, it is not possible for them to abuse because someone is old. Instead of protecting us, they throw us away as worthless,” says Ms. Adit Garcia.

Both showed documents to prove that have Property, tax payment, water services, electricity etc. Like the neighbors, they attest to seeing the pair all the time.


Mrs. Adith is heartbroken to see her house destroyed without her permission. He enters every nook and cranny, unable to believe that his house was left untouched. For her part, her husband is asking her to find her daughter-in-law and respond judicially to these allegations.

Buyers indicate that they have paid for the property in three installments, Sunday Al Diya

Lawyer William Munoz He said that now buying and selling does not require the signature of the owner or holder, but he recommends acquiring the property registered in the public registry.

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