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What? Suzy Diaz he was ‘in’Coffee with Chevez de Drome And she mentioned her ex-partner Andy V, whose 2011 televised marriage ended in a huge fight. The former Congresswoman admitted that she struggled for 8 years to get a divorce and made an unusual request.

“We would have lasted a year, but after a month we had already broken up. I struggled to get a divorce for 8 years”, revealed.

In this sense, when looking at the divorce, he was surprised to reveal the unusual request made by his ex-partner Andy V, and even though the two were married separately, the singer wanted to be in his favor.

“When the divorce was about to come out, I received a notarized letter where he asked me to pay him a monthly salary.” I amThat’s it.

Why did Andy V ask Suzy Doss for monthly salary?

The former vedette revealed that Andy V wanted to pay her a sum of money because -according to her- she couldn’t work because of her image.

In the notary’s letter, he said that thanks to the fact that I had given him a bad name, no one wanted to hire him. In the end the divorce came out without his signature”, revealed.

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