Tabasquena Science and Engineering Fair opens; Encouraging youth intelligence

Tabasquena Science and Engineering Fair opens;  Encouraging youth intelligence
  • The Undersecretary of Secondary and Higher Education, Luis Rodrigo Marin, highlights that young people are agents of change as they contribute their creativity and knowledge in support of Tabasco.
  • CCYTET reports 59 programs registered, 38 more than last year; 105 students participate, 33 are supported by internal and 39 external advisors
  • Rector of UJAT asserts that the exhibition represents a milestone to encourage youth in the state to develop their scientific career and technological development.

At the opening ceremony of the Tabasque Science and Engineering Fair (FETACI) 2023, Undersecretary of Secondary and Higher Education Luis Rodrigo Marin Figueroa offers the opportunity to recognize and promote the commitment and ingenuity of talented young people from different regions. Tabasco’s.

“Our students share their scientific research and technological development projects, so they are agents of change from the moment they contribute their creativity and knowledge to respond to the needs of our state,” said Secretary of Education Ecla Cornelio Landero.

At the Center for International Connection and Teaching (CIVE) of the Autonomous University of Juarez (UJAT) Tabasco, he pointed out that science and engineering are engines of progress and well-being because they allow students to face and develop complex puzzles. Will try to unravel within a reasonable couple of days.

Marin Figueroa highlighted the determined participation of the fair’s protagonists, students who made up 27 teams from secondary education and 32 from higher education, who will emerge as winners representing Tabasco at the Mexican Science and Engineering Fair (FEMCI). Held in the state of Aguascalientes.

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In the company of Guillermo Narvaez Osorio, rector of UJAT, he took the opportunity to thank the professors who have guided and supported the young activists in their work and evolution, testifying that education is a fundamental pillar for building a better education. knowledge society.

Gerardo Arévalo Reyes, director of the Science and Technology Council of the State of Tabasco (CCYTET), said that the state government recognizes the commitment to strengthening the system of state researchers and promoting secondary and research. Secondary education levels are higher and contribute to innovation and growth.

“I want this exhibition to be a place of exchange and learning and, of course, collaboration. It invites each of us to continue to pursue our dreams and contribute not only to the development of Tabasco, but to our entire country,” said the Undersecretary of Secondary and Higher Education.

In turn, the director of CCYTET, Gerardo Reyes, last May, the Council launched a call for exhibitions as a place in the project to promote science careers, so that young people interested in participating, they will register. 18th May to 7th July Program Guidelines.

In response to the call, a total of 59 projects have been registered, 38 more than last year’s exhibition, in which only 21 participated, and these 59 projects are distributed in five different categories: Environmental Sciences, Science Basics, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Epidemiology.

Gerardo Arévalo Reyes shared that out of 59 projects registered, 105 students with 33 internal and 39 external advisors were able to complete 43.

He explained that this Friday, October 13, the winners of the five categories will be awarded and their recognitions will be given to the three best evaluated in secondary education and higher education to participate in the Mexican Science Fair. Almost.

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The state official pointed out that the six evaluated projects, according to their category and the position they hold, will go to the city of Aguascalientes to receive their award. He mentioned that they will go to the institution with all expenses covered by CCYTET.

On the occasion, the rector of UJAT, Guillermo Narvaez, emphasized that the exhibition represents a milestone that encourages the youth of the state to develop their scientific career and technological development as it recognizes the creativity, originality and scientific merit of the high school. Students and institutions of higher education, public and private.

“It promotes equal opportunities and social cohesion through the participation of all members of the academic community, but in addition these types of projects are very valuable because they allow us to value ourselves as a university community,” Poco said before opening the exhibition.

Guillermo Narvaez Osorio, the competition projects are the result of the detailed training of each participant and the effort they have put in since entering the educational system, everything they have done in class and everything they have done. Have explored and experienced.

“That’s why the importance and importance of this exhibition is that it allows the work done in the classrooms to transcend society as a whole, and provides an exchange of knowledge and ideas between everyone who participates,” he said. .

After cutting the inaugural ribbon of the exhibition, the public and academic officials visited the CIVE lobby, where students from all institutes participated and demonstrated 43 projects.


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