Table of amounts updated with increments and how to register via Sistema Patria, Venezuela, VE

Table of amounts updated with increments and how to register via Sistema Patria, Venezuela, VE

Distribution of relevant grant Homes of the Motherland They come with new amounts in the first week of July.

See the updated amount of the Hogares de la Patria bonus for July 2024 here. | Photo: Libero Mix

With the beginning of the new month, the Social security bonds for people, its distribution starts from July 1st Monday. One of the most anticipated grants is for Venezuelans enrolled in the Patria system Homeland bonus, a social project benefiting thousands of families. Therefore, we invite you to review the updated schedule to know the amount offered.

Homeland House Chart for July 2024 updated

In June, the government in Venezuela announced the official amounts Homeland bonus They remained unchanged from May 2024. This trend will continue in June as wellEven after the announcement of hike in index minimum wage at the beginning of the year.

Unless there is a new announcement from Nicolás Maduro’s government this week, those amounts will remain unchanged and may be distributed as follows:

  • 1 Member: 87 bolivars ($2.42)
  • 2 Members: 108 bolivars (3 dollars)
  • 3 Members: 162 bolivars ($4.50)
  • 4 Members: 216 bolivars (6 dollars)
  • 5 Members: 270 bolivars ($7.51)
  • 6 or more members: 324 bolivars ($9.01)

How do I register to receive the Hogares de la Patria bonus in July 2024?

It is necessary to carefully follow the following steps to obtain Homeland bonus In July 2024.

  • approach Home system with your username and password.
  • Go to ‘Directory’ section.
  • Select the ‘Family Nucleus’ option.
  • Enter your children’s ID numbers and their dates of birth.
  • If your children are under the age of nine and do not have an ID card, you must enter your own ID card.
  • Make sure the registration is successful.
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To check if you are registered Homes of the MotherlandOnce payment initiation is notified, access your account Home system Using your ID number and password. Once inside, go to Bonus or Social Benefits section.

There, you can access a list of bonuses available to your family and get more information about each of them.

How to get Hogares de la Patria bonus in July 2024?

Not all Venezuelan citizens will receive the money Homeland bonus in July. To increase your chances of being a beneficiary of the grant, if you did not collect it at Sistema Patria last month, consider the following:

  • Visit the Patria site often.
  • Please update your data even if you have already entered it correctly.
  • Participate in weekly surveys.
  • Use the services available on the portal like paying electricity, telephone and water services.
  • Carry out the practices and procedures offered on the platform on a regular basis.

When do Hogares de la Patria fall to Sistema Patria?

According to information disseminated through the official networks of the Nicolás Maduro government, the payments related to the homeland bonus will begin In the first week of July 2024. This financial support from Social Security is added to other important grants distributed through the Patria system at the beginning of each month.

How do I update my Hogares de la Patria data?

It is important that the data is regularly updated to ensure the arrival of Homeland Bonus in the wallet. Follow these steps to receive payment through Systema Patria:

  • Enter Patria Platform
  • Look at the Hogares de la Patria section and click on the option Data Update
  • Fill all the fields requested in the form correctly
  • Verify that the data provided is accurate and up-to-date
  • Save the changes made and check if the update is successful.
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Is Homeland Bonus for July 2024 delivered by WhatsApp?

We would like to inform you that social security bonds, including Hogares de la Patria, are distributed exclusively through the Al Pueblo, Patria system. Not by WhatsApp or other social networks.

If the grants are confirmed through WhatsApp, we recommend you to be alert and cautious Fraud or attempted data theft. Remember that payment notifications are always provided through the Patria platform or via text messages from 67373 and 3532.

The VeMonedero app will allow you to receive official notifications from the Patria system. Photo: Carnet de la Patria/X.

What is Hogares de la Patria?

Homes of the Motherland A social assistance program implemented in Venezuela With the aim of providing economic support to the most needy families. Through this initiative, the government provides cash bonuses to vulnerable families to cover basic expenses like food, medicine and other essentials.


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