TAS will confirm the permanence of the pink club in the first division after complaints from Ayacucho and San Martín.

After Ayacucho and San Martin made a request to return to the first division, LIBERO was able to find out what the TAS ruling would be regarding Sport Boys.

Are Ayacucho and San Martin coming back? CAS verdict seeking expulsion of boys seen | Composition: Libero

Ayacucho FC and Club San Martin Earlier in the year they said they would file a formal complaint with CAS against Sport Boys. Both teams maintain that they should never have been relegated for the 2022 season and that the pink team should have done so instead, for not respecting the FPF rules.

Current Ligue 2 teams have indicated that Salako Club must present the confidence set out in the FPF licensing terms, failing to do so on time and being denied an A license to be part of the current championship. Of course they were granted the above license.

For his part, Julio García, the lawyer chosen by ‘Joros’ and ‘Santos’ to defend them in this event, said in an interview with the local media at the beginning of the season, because he did not pay his workers. Boys must have deducted 8 points The previous year, they would have finished below Ayacucho FC in the final accumulated table of Ligue 1 2022.

How could TAS have failed at Sport Boys?

Now, it’s known thanks to journalist Diego Sotomayor Libero“Their (Ayacucho and San Martin) arguments that Sport Boys should be demoted were not compelled before the judges”, so Everything indicates that Gallo’s team will continue to belong to the top division Peru’s foot ball.

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How did the bottom half finish in Ligue 1 2022’s accumulated table?

This is how the bottom half of the final stages of Ligue 1 2022 ended, which will remain after the CAS ruling in this case.

16. Sports Boys – 32 points | Save type
17. Ayacucho FC – 27 points | Revaluation (they lost)
18. San Martin – 21 points | Direct descent
19. Carlos Stein – 18 points | Direct descent

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