Tech and safety: Denver is looking to replace police with drones to respond to 911 calls faster

Tech and safety: Denver is looking to replace police with drones to respond to 911 calls faster

Some law enforcement agencies in the state of Colorado deploy this type of vehicle to search for missing persons or locate suspects.

drone. Photo: Unsplash

The Denver Police Department, along with other departments in the state of Colorado (USA), launched a project to implement the app. Drones in Defense Forces, After a report, the first step is to dispatch a plane to help officers respond to calls to 911. To record the situation on video.

Some forces in that state are already using these unmanned vehicles to perform certain tasks, such as facilitating search Disappeared over large areas, Track suspects, Registrar Crime scenes and Do the monitoring Areas where some SWAT operations are conducted.

United States Police.  Photo: Unsplash United States Police. Photo: Unsplash

Drones will be used by Denver police Respond to 911 calls Also, officials visited the scene They will decide what the next step is. “This really is the future of law enforcement, whether we like it or not,” said Sgt. Jeremiah GatesHead of the Drone Unit at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

In conversation with Denver Post, Sargent noted the potential uses of the technology for agents: “You can fly a drone over a reported suspicious vehicle and say, ‘Hey, that vehicle is not in the right place.’. This way, I don’t have to send an officer to bother them, and I can clear it up with that. “We’re saving resources.”

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A review of the use of drones in Colorado police

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado This action was rejected is shown Concerned about impacts on citizens’ right to protest.

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Drone, drones.  Photo by Unsplash. Police drones can track missing persons. Photo by Unsplash.

According to the ACLU, America’s First Amendment is at risk because people, their organization and expressions of protest that take place, They will be monitored by law enforcement through drones, creating a change in the way people operate..

On the other hand, they Ra Chi Thu Studies should be conducted on the impact of these unmanned aerial systems when used within various operations. State and local governments To ensure public safety.


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