Technology | A French invention capable of saving 80% of water in beach showers

The country is facing summer High temperature and severe drought. And that’s it A lack of spring rains and scarce reserves have led to a summer crisis that has forced municipalities to take some measures as Rain water cut off on beaches. Although some devices have been invented to save large amounts of water per day.

Rainwater cut on Spanish beaches

On most Spanish beaches, there are bathers Showers to wash off after long days at the beach. Here they can clear from their body, legs or furniture they have brought to spend the day as chairs or toys. There are Shower works with buttons, And the problem is this mechanism Wastes a lot of water. Until now there were some users who did not use this shower properly, and there were also those who took the opportunity to wash their hair with shampoo or their body with gel, which greatly increased water consumption.

Discovery of Zoo

In the midst of the drought, many companies have already stepped in to tackle this problem and overuse of water. This is an example French Invention, JuvinIt saves 80% of water in beach showers. Four Biarritz beaches will be lucky enough to test the operation of this mechanism, which can reduce water consumption by up to 80% compared to current facilities.

Plus, it helps Reuse bottles and limit drinking water consumption to what is actually needed, as well as energy consumption. The art promises water savings of up to 1,100 euros compared to current systems with a power consumption of only 0.14 cents. Its work To solve environmental problems and protect water resources. This revolutionary instrument was developed in collaboration with a team of engineers specializing in air and water fluid dynamics.

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will work

Thanks to its simple operation, JuWIN can Do up to three different tasks With the system acting as a source of drinking water. As described by the company, this innovation allows Refill small reusable 20 centiliter bottlesThis way “both the size of the container and the amount of water dispensed can be controlled”, since “the exact amount that a human being should be hydrated is 20 centilitres”.

Its second function is focus Clean your feet when leaving the beach to remove sand. To do this, insert the feet between the water nozzles and move it back and forth so that the water comes out for a five-second rinse, a very different action from the push buttons we use, which wastes so much water. .

Its last function A drying system It’s designed for the elderly or children, and it makes drying feet as easy as washing them – by inserting the feet into the opening – so they can put their flip-flops back on. As clarified by the company, this drying lasts only 10 seconds.

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