Technology and efficiency for precision agriculture – News from Tierramarillano – Atacama and Chile

Technology and efficiency for precision agriculture – News from Tierramarillano – Atacama and Chile
  • The machines stand out for their CommandQuad™ automatic transmission, which allows you to find the right gear for the job and minimize fuel consumption.

One of the most used concepts in the agricultural world in recent times is precision agriculture (PA), which is defined as a set of technologies that attempt to improve agricultural production. Salfa, in line with this concept, brings to Chile a new line of John Deere 7M tractors, ideal for soil preparation or planting with precision equipment.

It is a range that stands out for its features in terms of productivity and technology, including its CommandQuad™ automatic transmission, which allows you to find the best gears for the job and minimize fuel consumption in agricultural operations. The 7M 230 model comes with solenoid valves – which, together with the CommandQuad™ transmission, make automatic headland turning possible when using AutoTrac guidance, providing more efficient work and less operator fatigue; It also has a new hood and cabin design: with more space and more functionality, it presents an updated visual identity.

Alvaro Rodriguez, Salfa Agricultural Machinery Commercial Advisor, said, “The main innovation of the new 7M series tractors is the development and integration of the CommandQuad™ plus box with 20 forward gears and 20 reverse gears. It can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour while traveling. For reference, the previous version John Deere 7230J has 30 per hour. reached the speed of km.

Among its key innovations is the integrated AMS system, John Deere’s precision farming tool, which provides the tractor with the latest developments in the North American brand’s receiver and screens. Salfa’s business consultant explains in this regard, “Precision farming technology has an impact on increasing the efficiency of operations in the field, in this case the StarFire™7000 receiver, the latest satellite receiving unit for John Deere machines and the G5 command center monitor, 32.5 cm, easy to read and important machine configurations and data. Allows access in one place.

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Superior technology and made in Brazil

The new 7M tractor series brings important updates regarding productivity and cost reduction in operation. Key features include its G5 screen with segment control, SF700 receiver with SF-RTK signal for high accuracy and visibility package with 360-degree coverage – making it possible to work with greater confidence and without interruptions.

In the coming months, Sulfa will learn about the potential of this state-of-the-art equipment manufactured in Brazil, a manufacturing center recognized for its reliability and already highly valued among customers. Users purchasing any of the limited units coming to Chile will be able to purchase maintenance contracts and extended warranties to get the most out of John Deere’s latest development with 7M tractors.


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