Technology and the ocean, the intersection for a blue economy

Climate change is visible. Very severe hurricanes, sargassum (algae invasion), storms, waves rise outside the usual parameters … You can look the other way, but for a while.

Following, in the same place, we have cited some examples. Like a drop. This fall has become a wave It should be noted that it continues to convey its messages and check its evolution.

Seaside Collective received $150.00 from a dedicated government organization To encourage small and medium enterprises. The idea is that they will help explore and develop a model with a multiplier effect. And so began its acceleration program with two batches in 2023, with each startup receiving the same amount.

The project is beginning to bear fruit. One of the incubated companies has received five million dollars in funding. About Kind Designs, translated into Spanish is a mix between Kind, Sweet Designs. Their invention was to create a new formula for 3D printing.

They do it with the so-called ‘Blue Economy’ as a Flag While finding more sustainable solutions, they propose building walls that act as barriers to water to prevent pollution.

Following this initiative, the University of Central Florida has decided to promote what is called ‘Florida Hi-Tech Corridor’, a council that seeks to integrate the entire state. Headquartered in Orlando, it intends to remain Linkage between academia, public and private and investors. In Miami-Dade County alone, $15 million has been awarded to emerging companies contributing to the fight against climate change.

Francesca de Quesada Covey, head of economic development for the region, born here, experienced in politics (Obama administration), technology (early Facebook employee) and investment (venture capital at TheVentureCity): “Geographic location exposes us to extreme heat, rising sea levels and natural disasters.”. Additionally, 70% of the population is from minorities and we have a very diverse community with over $350 billion in economic growth potential. Clearly, betting on companies that combine technology and the fight against climate change is a competitive advantage. “We are much better positioned in every respect than other segments or verticals.”

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Miami welcomes newcomer. That’s it Factorial, a Spanish company that opened its headquarters here a year ago, is already considered a local company.. In fact, fuel acquisition, a fintech, Spanish that went through Y Combinator and offered credit card management and staffing costs. That is, an interesting integration for a range of services.

At the opposite end, Yuka Labs was born during the NFT fever. It has gone from estimate to execution at over $4,000 million Heavy layoffs this week.

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