Technology enhances our human potential

Technology enhances our human potential

One of the most important topics at Cannes Lions 2024 will undoubtedly be the impact of AI as a creative tool. Within the framework of the festival, Horacio Genolet, CEO Ogilvy Latina, shared his vision on the matter with PRODU.

Among other aspects, AI proposes a cultural change, not just a technology. “It transcends us as an industry and affects us in three areas: inspiration, automation and data optimization,” he explains.

to Ogilvy Latin, AI enhances creativity, makes content creation more efficient and improves efficiency. However, according to Genolet, artificial intelligence will never replace the human eye.

“Our differentiation has always been our creative excellence, which comes from the talent we have in the region,” he highlights. He also emphasizes that the best innovations and creative business solutions arise from the collaborative work of his team.

In this context, the balance between AI and traditional creativity is crucial. The executive highlights that Ogilvy Latina is promoting under this parameter Infinite creativity, an internal philosophy that always goes beyond the instrument. “We work so that every office is present Champion AI’s responsible for updating tools and training,” he explains. Additionally, the use of WPP Open stands out as a universal solution that provides access to various artificial intelligence tools.

Ethical debates are also the order of the day. For the administrator, this discussion will always lead to empathy and transparency in the use of AI. Ogilvy – he stressed – defends this level of transparency, especially Influencers Based on AI, will have a recognizable watermark. “We are very committed, we have a basic protocol,” Genolet said, adding that all content generated with AI goes through proper legal verification.

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On the other hand, the future of creative directors remains largely unknown. In this regard, Horacio Genolet pointed out that AI will revolutionize the industry, but creativity and human interaction are irreplaceable.

“It’s everyone’s job to train ourselves every day to know how to take advantage of AI. Creatives can explore new challenges and paths in creating ideas with impact. “Ogilvy will be enriched by integrating talent with diverse skill sets, from technical profiles to sociologists.”

AI will undoubtedly play a key role in ad creativity, driving innovation and allowing creatives to focus their talents on meaningful areas. The combination of human creativity and technology is redefining advertising and taking the industry to new levels of efficiency and originality.


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