Technology, resources and investment cast doubt on decarbonisation by 2050, experts say

Madrid, February 28 (EFECOM).- Without technological solutions, resources and public and private investments, it will not be possible to reach 2050 with a decarbonized industry, according to experts participating in a discussion organized by the Nature Foundation this Wednesday.

Carlos Reynoso, spokesman for the Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, opined that if industry achieves decarbonisation, it will not happen because of “activity” as usual, but because of the ability to implement “decarbonisation policies”. Business requirements.

He pointed to technological innovation, the expected length of time and the necessary investments as solutions to meet the EU's deadlines in the sector, which he described as “an amazing mobilization of public and private resources”.

“It's about prioritizing investments in industrial policy, otherwise industries will be relocated,” Reynoso said.

Jordi Llinares, Deputy Director General of Digitization at the Ministry of Industry, recalled that “companies have less ability to be competitive” in countries with fewer places to finance to support projects, including Spain.

Llinares has announced that the next Berthe call for industry will be similar to the naval sector, and has stressed the need for help to focus on R&D&i and workforce training as well.

José Miguel Guerrero, vice president of Spain's Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (Cepyme), has called for a role for the companies he represents, even though they are responsible for 20% of emissions. Up to 80% of the emissions of large companies.

Guerrero emphasized that Berte is “not the most appropriate tool” for SMEs. In this regard, he showed that there is “no capacity or resources” to provide access programs to SMEs.

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“We need to simplify procedures, provide realistic deadlines and have regulatory stability,” he commented on public assistance for industry. EFECOM


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