Technology that analyzes user experience based on eye movement and facial expressions: We tell you

Technology that analyzes user experience based on eye movement and facial expressions: We tell you

Companies are constantly working on personalizing the way they study markets, sell products, and understand users. Company recently Tentsu He announced that he had brought Columbia CX LaboratoryThat is a novelty Bet on understanding what people want to seeFrom analyzing their eyes, facial expressions and understanding the consumption of audiovisual experiences.

According to the company, the CX lab ensures brands have television campaigns, communication assets across different media and a digital ecosystem. They have focus, interaction and navigation related to the audience based on vision Any communication creates emotions in people.

For example, it is said to be one of the first cases to use this type Technologies focused on user experience were with SURA and cited as one of its success stories.

“We started with a plan to transform the company’s entire digital architecture model… With different testing tools, we were able to find out what information and order websites needed, making all experiences user-centric.said Laura Velasquez, director of relations for Grupo Sura.

How do these technologies work?

There are three tools in total to analyze an individual’s behavior when receiving a stimulus and by tracking the retina or gestures of the users, they can collect key information that helps them understand how they feel. What draws your attention compared to what you notice.

What are the technologies?

Eye tracking: This system allows us to analyze how people perceive and interact with brand stimuli, improving the effectiveness of campaigns and ensuring personalized content. It is generated by any stimulus; Like a video, business, social media post, guide or web page. The system is capable of tracking students to create heat maps and accurately analyze what attracts users’ attention.

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Emotional Recognition: The second technology provides an opportunity to recognize human emotions through facial expressions, and the system can sense the reactions associated with each stimulus.

Mobile document cameraFinally, the camera captures details of users’ browsing to assess the performance and usability of digital assets. With this type of data, the behavior of people on different mobile devices is analyzed, It is capable of evaluating usability and improving user experience.

“There is the possibility of analyzing the creative impulses of a campaign before going to market. Air is a huge help to brands, increasing conversions and creating better engagement And more focused on the brand,” says Angelica Escruceria, CEO of Tenzu Creative Colombia.


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