Thalia 50 and over wears straight pants that give her a wasp waist and a perfect butt

Thalia 50 and over wears straight pants that give her a wasp waist and a perfect butt

Thalia Not only did she surprise us with the premiere of her most recent hit, ‘Baby, Sorry’, but she also looked 20 years refreshed, sporting the straightest clothes they give. Wasp waist Y Perfect glutes at 50 and up. Have you already seen them?

Thalia wears straight pants that cinch the waist and give her long legs

While promoting her most recent song, 52-year-old Thalia looks like she’s in her thirties. It turns out that the famous woman knows very well how to combine autumn trends with 20 years off her shoulders.

On this occasion, Thalia wore straight pants with a vertical striped print and silver studs on the sides, giving the idea of ​​mariachi pants. The famous woman paired these pants, which gives Wasp waist Y Right glutes, wearing a metallic pink blouse with sexy meringue sleeves. Finally, the singer combined this Autumn look Silver, pointed toe boot type sneakers. The celebrity lady also wore glamorous transparent and shiny gloves. Combine your trendy look.

Thalia has a wasp waist and perfect butt | IG: @thalia

Thalia’s 2 Tips to Look Taller and Slimmer with Straight Pants

Tip #1. Vertical striped pants

One of our favorite tips to flatter your figure and elongate your legs is to wear straight pants with a vertical stripe print. This type of print is perfect for creating the illusion of very long and slim legs.

Tip #2. Pointed toe shoes

If you want to look taller with sneakers, you might want to wear a pair, and the sneakers have a pointed toe. The thin leg of high-heeled sneakers creates an optical illusion that makes the leg appear longer. This is because the toe draws attention to the end of the leg, making it appear longer.

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Thalia wears straight pants and sneakers to make her look taller | IG: @thalia

Now that you know Thalia’s best secrets for flaunting a wasp waist and perfect butt with straight pants this fall, what are you waiting for to recreate her look that looks great on you at any age?

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