The blackout at Jorge Chavez affected more than 39,000 passengers

The blackout at Jorge Chavez affected more than 39,000 passengers

The head of the MTC updated the number of victims while responding to a question from the Congress.

During his presentation before the Congress, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Raul Perez-Reyesrevealed the number of people affected by the blackout Jorge Chavez Airport Landing Area.

According to the official, 39 flights had to be diverted to other airports and 268 were cancelled, affecting a total of 39,421 passengers as a result of the short circuit.

The incident took place on June 2, and the next day the Gorbach chairman announced that the runway’s electrical wiring had not received maintenance for 14 years. Even the ombudsman’s office issued a report, which staff pointed out that the damage could have been caused by the presence of rodents.

This fact earned him a question from the head of the portfolio, who during his speech explained what measures would be taken to Corpac to avoid another similar problem.

Among them are a change in the company’s management team, a change in the management of Corpac’s board of directors, the separation of functions between the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC[)andCorpacmaintenanceintegration[)yCorpacunificacióndemantenimientode[)மற்றும்Corpacஆகியவற்றுக்குஇடையேயானசெயல்பாடுகளைபிரித்தல்பராமரிப்புஒருங்கிணைப்பு[)yCorpacunificacióndemantenimientodeAirports No offer, etc

“Without prejudice to the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor’s office, an internal administrative investigation (MTC) is being conducted to determine whether the officers concerned have fulfilled their duties,” the minister said.

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