The Chilean federation must pay 36 million dollars after losing the trial and journalists worry: “Ricardo Gareca’s contract is 10 years old”

The Chilean federation must pay 36 million dollars after losing the trial and journalists worry: “Ricardo Gareca’s contract is 10 years old”
ANFP has to pay TNT a millionaire after losing a lawsuit and Chilean journalists compare the figure to Ricardo Gareca’s salary.

Bad news for ‘Rose’ Y Ricardo Gareca. Chilean Football Federation (FFCch), representing National Professional Football Association (ANFP), was forced to pay $36 million TNT game After losing a trial. The decision was published on Wednesday, July 10 by the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

This judgment derives from a legal conflict between the ANFP Pablo MiladY Warner MediaOwner TNT game. The clash centered around Primera División and Primera B matches not played between 2019 and 2020. The resolution of this case could significantly affect the finances of the body responsible for professional football in Chile.

The news was reported by ADN, citing the arbitral tribunal’s ruling as decisive in ending the dispute between the two companies. The ANFP must now pay the associated fee, which poses a significant challenge to its financial sustainability.

“The company led by Pablo Milat was accused of not complying with the minimum programming obligations specified in the license agreement – signed on December 20, 2018 – and which establishes a tournament with at least 16 teams and 30 weeks of matches. Months”, can be read in La Tercera newspaper.

Officials decreed that the ANFP should pay the lump sum 33 million pesosEquivalent 36 million dollars. The decision from the arbitration event is not appealable. What will be the conversation to see how to disburse the funds.

Mainstream Chilean media reported the ANFP’s failed trial before Warner.

Although this issue is not related Ricardo Gareca And company, the Chilean team may have an impact. Paying that amount to TNT would empty the federation’s coffers, reducing infrastructure support. ‘Rose’.

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This news has caused concern among journalists in the south. In the latest version of ADN’s YouTube project, they wanted to highlight the level of approval for their audience and made an unexpected comparison. “10 years of Ricardo Gareca’s contract”.

At the same time, the correspondents of that country emphasized the reasons for the possible bankruptcy of the ANFP. “We must remember those responsible. Mario Conca, Chairman of the Commission at the time; And Victoriano CertaComptroller of Huachipado.”

Chilean confederation to pay Warner a millionaire for TV mess. (DNA)

The decision came at a difficult game moment. Chile exited in the group stage Copa America 2024 When losing Argentina and tumor Peru Y Canada. The most alarming thing was that his cast did not score any goals.

This event has unleashed many criticisms Ricardo Gareca and company; In addition, there were doubts about the continuity of the coach, who only took over in January of this year after the departure of his compatriot Eduardo Beriso.

However, the ‘skinny’ Supported by Pablo MiladPresident of the Federation, and already thinking about what to restart South American Eligibility the way World Cup 2026In which the ‘Rose’ He put up just 5 points and fell out of the playoff zone.

The Argentine coach’s next challenges will be in September ‘mapochos’ are measured by Argentina As a spectator and Bolivia at home. This last match is very important as it is against a direct competitor for the ticket to the highest FIFA tournament.


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