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A phrase “no pain, no gain” went viral some time ago that applies to those who strive for good health and well-being. This search for health and perfect figure keeps more and more people coming back GymsAnd unlike other commodities, it has not been affected by the economic crisis the country is experiencing with production registering a 0.58% drop so far this year.

The pandemic, which has hit many businesses, including sports, has also created a change in habits, explained Enrique Fernández, president of Peru’s gym association, who assured that the health crisis is pushing many to stay even more. “Exercise” life.

This situation led to the increase of muscles in the body of the natives carrying the weight. So, today there are 2,900 stores in the country, which is 20% more than what was registered in 2019.

Registration date also changed. Four years ago, most people did it before the arrival of summer in September or October, today it is not the month or the time that matters, but the exercise.

Enrique Mosquera of Bodytech has a similar opinion. According to him, many people attend these places for specific training that can even help with depression issues.

“In this second quarter, there will be training for people with reduced mobility, people who communicate with sign language, people with depression. There is also training for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease,” he noted.

With 15 years in the Peruvian market and 24,000 customers as of August, he assured that with the advancement of technology, users are asking for new machines to help them with their workouts.

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“We can see a regular treadmill with an incline like climbing a hill or a hill, but with an incline,” he explained.

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For everyone

It is attended by all kinds of visitors Gyms, from those who go to take photos, or those who stay for hours. As for Smart Fit, its marketing manager Silvana Buenza explained that it is mainly attended by people between the ages of 25 and 40, who usually exercise three to five times a week.

“On average, a person spends 45 minutes to an hour in the gym, and they train on different days of the week,” he said.

She noted that things that are requested during these intervals include group classes such as Zumba, Latination, HIT, Smark Bike, stretching, etc.

In the country, he explained, there are a total of 60 headquarters, recently opened in the historic center of Lima and Bucalpa, “which confirmed our presence on the coast, in the mountains and in the jungle.”


Enrique Fernandez, in The gym association assured that the average ticket varies between S/80 and S/90, although this depends on the location and services.

He pointed out that they are the same People who want outdoor and customized trainings, hence trainers provide these services. Each gym has an average of four to five trainers.

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