The Economy Minister highlights the importance of rationalizing public expenditure and asserts that it is a valid issue with or without reform.

The Economy Minister highlights the importance of rationalizing public expenditure and asserts that it is a valid issue with or without reform.

Santo Domingo.— Minister Economics, Planning and Development, Pavel Issa ContrerasDemonstrated the company’s commitment to improving rationality Public expenditurewhich Issue of validity with or without reform.

Referring to Tax reformThe minister revealed that even with all the rationalizations that could be achieved, the resources were not enough. “Do both at the same time”Isa Contreras, who was interviewed in the program by journalists Ana Mithila Lora and Ezequiel Abio Lopez, insisted. “alarm”, transmitted through Color Vision, Channel 9.

In this regard, the economist and researcher reiterated that tax reform should be viewed in a comprehensive manner. He also cited Social security reform, from the Department of Water and Power. In the case of cost rationalization, he said that this issue “It is valid with or without reform, it should not be a prerequisite, rather it is an effort that the government must undertake, and citizens have the right to improve the quality of public spending.”

“I am part of the citizenry and I empathize with the people on these demands and demands. “It is very important that the citizens continue to demand that the government rationalize public spending and that the press be active in that regard.” He pointed out.

Regarding tax reform, the Economy Minister noted that options have been raised and the President, Louis AbinaderDeciding when to make proposals public.

“The options are very clear, and society has been debating them for a long time. The dilemmas are relatively clear,” said Issa Contreras, who insists on a social and technical level “We’re clear about what options we have in front of us.” Likewise, he said, it is clear what the advantages and disadvantages are compared to one or the other alternative.

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He expressed that A fundamental principle is that reform is sufficient. “The reform should be as strong as possible, because we are talking about empowering the state and funding it.” In that regard, citing public safety, he said it was necessary to invest in resource-intensive distribution networks to reduce power shortages.


The Minister of Economy mentioned that one of the objectives of the tax reform Put the state in a position to reduce the demand for credit. “Internal resources are increased, expenditure is rationalized and the state is allowed to run a smaller deficit than it is now” said Issa Contreras.

He argued that the debt burden would remain moderate and that interest would eventually be paid in tax reform-related debt reduction. The minister explained the three dimensions of fiscal reform: taxation, rationalization of expenditure and the macroeconomic area to reduce the burden of debt.. “Now we must make a serious commitment to capitalize the central bank.” Isa Contrez thought.

Advances in Regional Planning

The official said that the Ministry of Economy is happy with the progress of the economy Law on Regional Planning, Land Use and Human Settlements 368-22. In that regard, he said that a draft regulation would be brought to them soon to the Executive Branch for its declaration.

He pointed out that they are not waiting for the regulations to apply the 368-22 law, which is why about 15 municipalities are preparing their regional planning plans. He noted that the one in San Francisco de Macorís has already been approved by councilors.

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He pointed out that with the support of Inter-American Development BankThe Regional Planning Project of Puerto Plata. He explained that the city councils themselves develop their plans with the support of the Ministry of Economy.

He mentioned that he would also do the same Pepillo Salcedo, which must be approved by local authorities. In turn, they claimed to have advanced in Veron, Punta Cana; Castanulas, San Cristóbal, Cabrera and Rio San Juan. Also proposed is a collegial regional planning project between the smaller municipalities in the San Juan de la Macuana and Enriqueville areas.

As for X National Population and Housing CensusIn the coming days, details such as population, neighborhoods and access to services will be announced by municipality, he said.


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