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After Barbie Juarez’s exit, five finalists will advance to the group The pinnacle of “The House of Famous Mexico”.. However, it was reported that one of them would be a contender Removed on Friday 11th AugustThat means Emilio Osorio, Sergio Mayor, Ponzo de Nigris, Wendy Guevara or Nicola Porcella will have to say goodbye to the televisa reality show before reaching the final stage.

On Sunday, August 6, the public saved Ponzo and Wendy from leaving the television show.

However, after a while of Team Inferno’s celebration, Galilea enters the Montejo house and informs them that one of the five has left for the tenth week.

Who is the fifth finalist of “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS MÉXICO”?

This Friday, August 9, the fifth finalist of “The House of Famous Mexico” was determined. Ultimately, the project’s drivers said the decision was decided by a public vote.

The contestant with the lowest votes is the one who is eliminated from the reality show. Out of 6 million votes, who would have received the least support from the public?

It was revealed after many maneuvers Emilio Osorio is the fifth finalist in “The House of Famous Mexico”.For that he had to say goodbye to his teammates from Team Inferno

Explanation of the removal of exclamation in “The House of Mexican Famous”.

According to information from the beginning, five participants from “The House of Famous Mexico” should make it to the finals. However, the production decided to change this so that one of them would leave the project early.

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Emilio Osorio, Sergio Mayor, Ponzo de Nigris, Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella are the finalists of “La Casa de los Famousos Mexico” (Photo: Televisa Univision).

No explanation was given for the decision, but it’s no surprise that the producers of the reality show are making unexpected changes to the game’s development. We saw this when Week 9’s appointment depended on their random points on the roulette wheel, completely abandoning the program’s mechanics-based strategy.

A recap of everything that happened in week 10

  • No leader test, no nomination gala.
  • Galilea Montejo enters the house and announces that one of the finalists will be eliminated on Friday.
  • Dinamitta Band along with Rahul Bikora entered the house to give an incredible show to the citizens.
  • Paty Cantú brought Wendy morning for her birthday week.
  • One of the dynamics this week is the debate over his performance at home.
  • La Banda El Recodo was another group that gave an incredible presentation for “La casa de los famouses México”.
  • Emilio Osorio is upset that Nicola and Poncho are not as enthusiastic as him on stage.
  • Citizens celebrated his birthday with Diego Eris.

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