The industry’s most important innovation and technology conference and exhibition opens this Tuesday

The industry’s most important innovation and technology conference and exhibition opens this Tuesday

The most important conference and exhibition of innovation and technology in the agri-food sector in Latin America opens this Tuesday.

This Tuesday, October 24, and in an event scheduled at 9:30 a.m. at the Metropolitan Santiago Convention Center, the opening ceremony of the first International Congress and Innovation and Technology Exhibition of Agrifood, CfiAgrotech will take place. The event will bring together recognized experts in sustainable food – national and foreign – on October 24, 25 and 26, who will jointly analyze the trends and key challenges facing the sector globally.

Organized by FISA, GL Events and the National Association of Agriculture (SNA), the event will officially launch its activities with a ceremony attended by Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela, representatives of the sector’s main unions and various actors. An industry inspired by the knowledge transfer and offering of revolutionary products and services offered at CfiAgrotech.

“The stamp of this first edition of CfiAgrotech is on innovation and technology for the sustainability of a traditional sector, but one that is constantly renewed. It is a gathering representing all the sectors that strive to create, invest, develop, modernize and develop production in the agri-food and agro-technology sector to achieve the sustainability of this industry,” Says Paula Miranda, manager of CfiAgrotech.

The meeting is sponsored by – ASOEX, ChileAlimentos, Chile Carne, Fedefruta, Fedeleche, InvestChile, Vinos de Chile, Transforma Alimentos, BDP Foods, the National Irrigation Commission, CORFO, FCH, Agrotech Chile, AGRID, Red Fortalece Pyme MaRO. – Coordinating an international congress and an exhibition with industry representatives at one location.

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“At CfiAgrotech, we want to achieve a positive synergy between supply and demand in the agri-food sector and accommodate all the technological innovations that will revolutionize this sector in our country and around the world. We are sure that there will be interesting opportunities to create new businesses and exchange valuable experiences and learnings,” said Paula. Miranda added.

Meanwhile, Esteban Valenzuela, Minister of Agriculture and Honorary President of CfiAgrotech, assessed the importance of the meeting amid a complex environment for dozens of farmers affected by the climate factor this year.

“Chile’s agri-food industry must be ready to face this kind of situation, but we need companies like CfiAgrotech to analyze future challenges together and learn about the possible solutions that innovation and technology can offer us,” he pointed out. “We continue to pave the way towards the sustainability of this sector, which is key to our country’s economy,” he said.

Although it was held for the first time in Chile, the event has a long history in France, where it has been held for 26 years under the name CFIA Rennes (Centre of Suppliers of the Agri-Food Industry, in French). Ingredient departments and PAI (Equipment, Process and Packaging.

Recognized experts and innovation awards

The congress will be divided into ten thematic panels, where subjects that set trends around the world such as regenerative agriculture, new production logics, green finance and robotics and automation in agri-food will be addressed, among other topics.

As for panelists, consultant Vincent Dumaichel stands out senior UN Global Compact’s Oceans and Food; Lauren Falcao, Associate Professor of Economics and World Affairs at Yale University; and Eric Beccariat, director of the Agro-Food Robotics Program at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, among other experts. At the same time, two innovation awards sponsored by CAS.ORG will be held.

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On its debut in our country, CfiAgrotech seeks to strengthen the country as an agri-food powerhouse by introducing new technologies to the market, exchanging experiences and knowledge in response to the global demand for healthy and sustainable foods. Along with this, it aims to become the exclusive visibility space for SMEs and agtech and foodtech startups, combining heritage and capital trends with cutting-edge technologies to develop and strengthen networks across the agri-food value chain.

Together, and within the framework of CfiAgrotech, the National Agricultural Meeting, ENAGRO 2023, will be held on Wednesday, October 25.

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