The Milky Way isn’t as special as we thought, and that’s why

The Milky Way isn’t as special as we thought, and that’s why

With the results of a new study, the Milky Way appears to be losing the properties that gave it its greatest distinction.

We like to think of it as our galaxy milky wayGreat, and not just for hosting It is the only planet known to harbor life. Old observations of the interstellar neighborhood led scientists to think that the stars and planets here were very compact, which, in part, led to this idea. The center of the galaxy was denser than other galaxies. That they know each other.

to Gail JasowskiAstronomer University of Utah (United States), except as known, The milky way It is distinguished from its peers due to this unusual characteristic. This is how she and a team of astronomers A StargazingUsing data from the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment, measuring the locations and distances of nearly a quarter of a million red giants (APOGEE)

Recognizing our galaxy

Experts know that Scale the same galaxy we live in This is a very difficult task; Not to mention searching Accuracy. To the challenge, let alone we must add the myriad constraints of space Cosmic dust.

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With all that this implies, the group looked into it The central region of the Milky Way disk is not densely populated As assumed by the models. It was concluded that Red giants They increase exponentially from the edge of the galaxy towards the bulge, reaching a plateau near the midpoint.

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According to an article published in NatureFrom above it follows that, at the same time, If matter in a galaxy is not embedded in the center, it must be more widely distributed than expected.

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More tests are needed to reach a more precise one, but if so, the authors have already warned that the total estimate The Milky Way will be significantly reduced. And, no less important, perhaps our own galaxy And dark matter than expected.

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