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The Ministry of Economy extends a bill for US$ 63,998,727 in dollars to pay coupons.

The Ministry of Economy extends a bill for US$ 63,998,727 in dollars to pay coupons.

Three dollar bills mature: one matures on January 7, 2031, and the other matures on January 8, 2034. With this extension, 60% interest on those letters is waived.

By Joint Resolution 37/2024 of Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Finance, Published this Monday in the Official Gazette, the extension of a A non-convertible treasury bill in dollars to be given to the Central Bank.

The official text mentions a number of laws and decrees that establish the legal frameworks and procedures to be followed to implement this expansion. This establishes the maturities of the July 8th interest coupon Bill in dollars maturing on January 7, 2034 Seventh interest coupon The dollar bill matures on January 7, 2031 and the first interest coupon Treasury bill in dollars dated January 8, 2034. Hence, this extension is to cancel interest services on 60% of those bills.

In short, it expands Treasury bill issue in dollars maturing on April 3, 2029For US$63,998,727, originally issued by Article 1 of the Joint Resolution 20 of April 3, 2024 of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance, and shall bear interest from the date of delivery to the Central Bank.

Norms too Approves concerned authorities To sign the necessary documents to carry out the described activity. Finally, it was established that the measure will come into effect from the date of publication.

The economy confirmed June debt payments

Last week, Govt Issued on Treasury tender US$8.4 billion to cover maturities of $5.7 billion. The tender will cover nearly $3 billion in additional supply due in July and global maturities.

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The news came quickly Sovereign bonds rose as much as 1.5% In the case of Global 2035 and Bonar AL35D, principal and interest coupons were reduced on July 9. Country risk fell 11 units (-0.7%) to 1,429 basis points as the rest of the bonds maturing in July did not follow the same rate of increase. For example, AL30D, the most representative, rose 0.41% and Global 2030D, which has foreign legislation, rose 0.96%.


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