The Ministry of Economy participates in issuing certificates to the collaborators of the General Agreement

Clara Aquino, Director of Bilateral Cooperation, thanked the Republic of Peru for its cooperation in exchanging experiences and techniques learned about transparency and innovation mechanisms in public procurement.

Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic. (September 2023). The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, through the Directorate of Bilateral Cooperation, participated in the ceremony of awarding certificates to the participants of the project “Strengthening the Transparency, Participation and Innovation Mechanisms of the Dominican National Public Procurement System”.

Certificates were issued to the collaborators of the Directorate General of Public Procurement within the framework of the project in question.

Opening remarks were delivered by Bilateral Cooperation Director Clara Aquino, who highlighted that in a world of constant evolution and change, continuous training for government officials is a fundamental element to guarantee efficient and quality service in state administration. , those responsible for ensuring the well-being of society are essential.

“This type of training process is very relevant to our country because it strengthens the human resources that manage the mechanisms of transparency, participation and innovation in the national public procurement system and, through them, guarantee efficiency in the aspects of sustainability, accountability and good governance established by the National Development Strategy 2030,” said the said the official.

He thanked the Republic of Peru for collaborating with the project through the exchange of experiences and techniques learned about the transparency and innovation mechanisms of the Republic of Peru’s own public procurement system.

He assessed the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation (APCI) and Peru in this process. Procurement, as well as technical experts who have shown their commitment to this endeavor. Finally congratulated the graduating students.

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Public Procurement Director, Carlos Pimentel, expressed his satisfaction with the training of the collaborators of the company he directs, and thanked him for the responsibility of leading his technical team in Peru Purchasing and sharing his experiences in this regard with the Dominican Republic. Relationship to innovation, participation, regulation and especially sustainability issues.

Pimentel appreciated the right moment of the cooperation of Peru Compras through the Directorate of Bilateral Cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

Alejandro Arias Zarzuela, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Peru, said that through the virtual connection, the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries are not only professional, but also foster greater human relations.

He said that projects of this kind point the way towards a productive relationship that helps us realize our commonalities in seeking organizational formulas that provide people with better development opportunities.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Peru to the country, María Cecilia Rosas Ponce de Leon, highlighted that the success of this project is synonymous with 149 years of brotherly relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Director of the National Contract Organization – Peru Campras, Victor Fernando Masumura Tanaka, considered it gratifying to cooperate in the exchange of knowledge that contributes to strengthening the skills of Dominican technicians.

Julio Manuel Blasco, Acting Director of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, considered that the issuance of project certificates reinforces traditional ties between the two countries and is appropriate for the Dominican government since innovation and transparency are priority axes in the current government administration. .

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Finally, on behalf of the graduates, Mildred Bautista thanked the institutions involved and assured them that their skills would benefit the government and the Dominican people.

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