The Ministry of ICT has signed an agreement with Rabi to train 500 women delivery drivers in technology and programming.

The Ministry of ICT and Rappi, with the support of MindHub, seek to promote citizens’ access to technological change through education.

Signing this alliance is very important for our country as the goal is to bring connectivity and technology to all citizens to transform lives with digital transformation. We know technology is the best engine for the change we need, and that’s why we’re celebrating this collaborative effort that will transform the lives of 500 women, their families and their communities.” said ICT Minister Maurizio Liscano.

MindHub will deliver the technology program, and Robbie will come through mentoring with company managers and leaders; This will help the participants after completion of the program to find job opportunities in Rabi and other organizations in the digital ecosystem. The initiative seeks to provide educational development opportunities and market-relevant technical skills, such as Front End Web Development, so that these women can transform their ideas and designs into functional and attractive web solutions.

As a company, we are committed to making a positive impact on society and the users of our environment. This alliance allows us to contribute to our mission while improving the quality of life for hundreds of female delivery drivers and their families through a unique educational and professional development opportunity.“, explained Matías Laks, general manager of Rappi Colombia.

The program will be implemented in the form of a bootcamp, with 180 hours of intensity, in collaboration with MindHub. Requirements to participate include: legal age, residency in Colombia and access to a computer and internet connection, able to view registration details through the delivery application’s contact channels. Additionally, aspirants must pass an entrance exam that assesses basic knowledge in logic, without requiring prior technical skills.

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We are deeply proud to support and continue to strengthen the role of women in the industry because not only do women need opportunities in the industry, but the industry needs us to create experiences, products and services designed for all. So this alliance is fully aligned with our reality, with the impact and change we want to create in the industry.“, concluded MindHub’s co-founder Vanessa Taia.

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