The Miura 1 rocket will attempt to reach space again this Saturday

A new attempt to make history. BLD Space, the company will grow Miura 1The first 100% Spanish rocket attempting to reach space from the INTA facilities at the ‘El Arenosillo’ test center has confirmed that it will continue its launch. Starting next Saturday October 7th.

The company, which had several possible launch windows in October and November, finally chose this Saturday Forecasting weather conditionsAnd as announced a few days ago, after successfully passing all the necessary tests.

Thus, the Third try Miura 1 will go into orbit this Saturday 2.00 p.mAlthough there is a launch window that lasts until 10:00 p.m.

From Parador Beach

The company has announced that it will be introduced will broadcast live – can see through this address-, although only those who wish to see it in situ can do so From the beach at Parador de Mazagón “Unique and Exclusive”.

The rest of the INTA facility will have a comprehensive device designed to guarantee safety in the environment. so, will be blocked CEDEA, CTM Médano del Loro, the parking lot in the Cuesta Maneli area and the accesses to this beach and Asperillo beach.

Likewise, a part Road A-494This leads to the base of the Arenocillo cut and should Civil Guard observation points.

A plan of the Miura 1’s launch area

place of pld

Miura 1, the much anticipated launch

The Miura 1’s flight will mark Europe’s first private rocket launch. Therefore, the “primary purpose” of this first mission is to allow PLD space Collect as much data as possible In order to validate the design, technology and processes in flight, it will then be converted and integrated into the Miura 5 Orbital Launcher, currently being developed by the same company.

On this first mission, Miura 1 is carrying as payload the German Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) experiment, which aims to study. Microgravity conditionsAs described by PLD Space.

It may be recalled that the last time this microlauncher attempted to reach space was from Hulva for the first time May 31stThe company eventually had to postpone the flight High winds blow, which exceeded the recommended speed for launching on schedule. Later, the June 17Retry, production Automatic abortion The umbilicals (the cables that connect the rocket to the arc) launch times – just one-tenth of a second – due to a delay of 0.2 seconds from liftoff.

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