The mysterious ‘Stonehenge of the Amazon’, built a thousand years ago, would have been an astronomical observatory | Brazil | Rego Grande | Megaliths | Archaeological Mysteries | South America | Latin America | Video | the world

The mysterious ‘Stonehenge of the Amazon’, built a thousand years ago, would have been an astronomical observatory |  Brazil |  Rego Grande |  Megaliths |  Archaeological Mysteries |  South America |  Latin America |  Video |  the world

Known as the ‘Amazon’s Stonehenge’, this megalithic monument has come under scrutiny for its function in the past. Photo: LR Composite / National Geographic / Amazon

in limits Latin America, a system set up to confound archaeologists and scientists alike. Known as ‘Stonehenge of Amazonas’This archeological site challenges traditional ideas about the ancient civilizations that inhabited the Amazon basin.

It contains XIX century, this enigmatic circle of megaliths was seen for the first time. However, recently researchers are unraveling the secrets of this monumental structure, which is an astronomical observatory and a A place of worship for the tribal civilizations of the region.

Where is the mysterious ‘Stonehenge of the Amazon’?

He ‘Stonehenge of Amazonas’Known locally as Rego Grande is located in Amaba state in northern Brazil.. This archaeological site is located nearby City of Calçoene and a circle of 127 granite blocks, each carefully placed.

More than 30 meters wide, this structure has attracted the attention of archaeologists and scientists from around the world. Photo: SCX2

The earliest discovery of these megaliths is earlier In the 19th century, Swiss zoologist Emilio Goelti reported its existence During a trip along the border between Brazil and French Guiana. however, It was only in the 1990s that the site began to receive serious attention, thanks to rancher Lyleson Camelo da Silva.He came across the stones while clearing the area for pasture.

Da Silva later became the custodian of the site, initially avoiding the area and feeling it was a sacred place. Photo: Adobe Stock

During the deforestation boom in the 1990s, when logging was prioritized, the site again attracted scholarly attention. In 2005A team of archaeologists led by Mariana Cabral and Joao Saldanha de The Federal University of Minas Gerais began a detailed investigation of the site.

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How was the ‘Amazon Stonehenge’ ruin created?

The origin of the ‘Stonehenge of the Amazon’ is earlier About a thousand years agoMany centuries Before European colonists came to America. Radiocarbon testing and observations made during the winter solstice led researchers to conclude that the site was. Built by an advanced indigenous civilization.

The study revealed that The granite stones were taken from a quarry 3.2 kilometers from the site. This process of transporting and placing the stones demonstrates a remarkable level of organization and technical knowledge. Besides, Ceramic funerary vessels have been foundRecommend doing it by hand, at least Part of the site may have served as a cemetery.

‘Stonehenge of the Amazon’ mystery of destruction: Ancient civilization’s astronomical observatory?

There also seems to have been an arrangement of stones Designed taking into account the path of the sun during the winter solstice. This alignment suggests to experts that the site may have been active Astronomical Laboratory, allowing its builders to follow solar cycles. This ability to observe and measure the movement of the sun would have been essential to the agricultural and ritual practices of the time.

The theory that ‘Stonehenge of Amazonas’ An astronomical observatory, supported by research from the Amaba Science and Technology Research Institute, found this One of the main stones is definitely connected to the path of the Sun.

This discovery led archaeologists to reconsider the capabilities of the indigenous civilizations of the Amazon. Prior to these discoveries, the region was thought to be inhabited primarily by nomadic tribes without large permanent settlements. However, the Evidence of reco grande, Among other finds in Brazil are giant lines drawn on the ground and the remains of fortified settlements The Amazon has a much larger and more advanced population than previously believed..

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Solar physicist and archaeologist John McKim Malville notes that research is evolving to include more complete explanations. Rituals and Rituals of Ancient Cultures. According to Malville, the Rego Grande stones reflect The Importance of Spirituality in Amazonian CulturesA soul is the cause of natural things and inanimate things.


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